Recording and Regularisation of Employee Records at the Workplace


It is very important to keep a check on the employees discipline at workspace by regulating their actions by keeping a good record of what they are doing at the workstation. For example time and attendance system help the management to spy on the discipline of employees and maintaining the rules. Similarly there are other way by which you can keep a track on the employees’ records and can regulate them for better output. Here is a list of such ways that you can tread on to maintain a good record of your employees.

Control on Attendance at your workplace

One of the brilliant introductions in technology in modern times is the Biometric Attendance Machine. This has ended any need to retain a check on the entry and exit time of an employee. Earlier things would happen in a very unprofessional manner, registers used to be maintained which another employee can also keep a record of. This would make a lot of chaos and anomalies, as employees would take advantages and try influencing by keeping the record with excuses like headaches and stomach sicknesses. Ultimately, the organization would only pay for it always in terms of money and time.

Recording and Regularisation of Employee Records at the Workplace

Biometric Attendance devices help enforces modesty. They support tokeep a check on rogue employees who reach office late and leave earlier than the given time. This device is very useful for tracking employees in & out timings for every day, the number of days for which employees were working per month and the days when they were absent, violation of break timings, changing work timings, multiple shifts, breaks, etc.

The Finger reader machine – an important tool for keeping records at the workplace

To create the attendance machine further better, the technology has been incorporated with the finger reader machine. Both can be used as a single unit in various offices. While entering the workplace, employees are requiredto punch their finger on the fingerprint machine, which helps the employee to identify themselves. Vice versa happens when he wants to come out of the workplace. Even while breaks when an employee wants to come out, he will have to follows the same process.

Any time, any day whenever the employee reports working, he/ she can always be held in case he/she is trying to avoid the official working timings. This has been verified throughout the world, as one of the best and foolproof systems for employee management.

A device that can help for Safety at workplace

In order to facilitate the safety at the workplace, the entrance doors for the workplace can be locked and accessed through Door lock access control device. With the help of technology, we can synchronise these facilities and provide a single machine which will help you record the attendance, as well as keep the control on the entry of employees and visitors in the workplace.

One can use this Biometric attendance machine in Delhi city for their offices/ schools/ colleges, etc.The use of technology and proper synchronization of both the Attendance Machine and the Finger Print Machine ensures employees always being kept under proper surveillance. Never are they able to escape or abscond without coming to anybody’s notice.
Every time an employee enters the workplace premises, she/he will have to go through the procedure of the scan and then only can she/he be allowed to get in the workplace.

Furthermore, this kind of systems will make sure that only the employees enter the workplace and they will be able to spot their attendance and entry and departure time for that specific day.


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