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Java is one of the most popular language when it comes to programming. Whether it comes to create an app or software this is used widely across the globe owing to its flexibility and ease of using for coding goals. If you are also hoping your future in JAVA and going to give an interview in coming few days then make sure to prepare these top concepts related to JAVA programming to crack your interview easily. These are the backbone of entire JAVA and nothing can be framed in the form of questions out of it. So make sure that you are going through these points religiously to know what to learn for your interview for Java.

1. Object-Oriented Programming is Primary and Fundamental

If you are going to give a Java based interview it is very important to have an idea about object oriented programming which every institute is going to tell you in professional course whether it is Best Software Training Institute in Chennai or anywhere else.

  • Make sure to understand the principles like inheritance, encapsulation and abstraction along with important principles like polymorphism which encompass a great significance for JAVA.
  • Object oriented programming principles will guide you towards understanding the basics of JAVA and they cannot be ignored.

2. Knowing About Basic Data Types

Knowing different data types is very important when you are going to be interviewed for the language.

  • When we talk about JAVA there is not a single data type that is we can have primitive and advance type of them.
  • Char, double, byte, float, short, long, and others are included in primitive category while interfaces, classes and arrays are counted in the advanced data types.
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3. Conditional and Looping Statements

There are two types of statements that is looping and conditional statement and you must be able to have a good management and control on these two statements to be a pro in JAVA. It is going to put a positive impression about you in the mind of interviewer.

4. Glitch Management

  • Sometimes the app you design may not work well and it may create certain glitches so you must be able to address those glitches in real time.
  • The skills of glitch and problem management should be so efficient that app or other software starts working immediately in real time.

5. Designing a Storage Framework of Files and Data

An orderly storage of data or files is the important task for a Java professional and you must be able to prepare a storage framework for files, different kinds of maps and other lists in the form of data. It is going to be your real test when you will be asked about managing the data and its storage aptly.

6. The Must Be Able to Build Apps with Threading and Concurrency

If you are a pro of JAVA then it is very obvious that you will be doing tasks like creating apps and such tasks execution and that is why;

  • Understanding multithreading and concurrency is crucial for creating applications and performing multiple tasks.
  • Terms like threading, multiple threading, prevention of thread interface, interface related concepts should be on the finger tips to pass your interview of Java.

7. Get to Know About Serialization and Files Input/Output

It is important to have a good idea about the input and output of files and their serialization in JAVA interview. You may be asked to answer questions from this important area to judge your knowledge and skills for JAVA language.

8. Framing Your Concepts on Managing the Java Memory

It is very crucial to prepare your concept of management of the memory in making good code in JAVA;

  • By having a good idea about heap for fluctuating memory and stack for the constant memory in the JAVA memory management.
  • At the same time you must have a great idea about automation and its role in memory management and how to clean the memory as well.

9. Top Features of JAVA Cannot be Ignored

There are few features related to JAVA that cannot be ignored when you are preparing for JAVA interview. For example

  • You can manage the nil values efficiently with Optional class to avoid any glitch and issue.
  • You can try out functionality with the help of Lambda expression for creating a process question.
  • Number series and operations can be managed with Streams API easily.

This is how you can show your mastery over JAVA language in an interview.

10. Understanding Different Design Patterns for Effective Coding

The general issues and problems can be managed effectively with the use of various design patterns. If you will have a core understanding of different design patterns it will assist you in creating good coding. For example, observer pattern for single to many relationships of an object, similarly we have factory and singleton pattern as well.


If you are having good understanding of these ten points it is sure that nothing can stop you to be a master of Java you can easily impress the interviewer with your skills and understanding of JAVA language with these top points. So make sure that you are having a keen faith in preparing these major points related to Java before dropping to any related interview.

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