Top 5 Programming Languages Every Data Scientist Should Learn in 2019


There is a constant rise in the demand for skilled data scientists in the market. Without data, no business can develop and the data keeps increasing every day. Therefore, it becomes highly important to properly access the data coming from all possible sources and work on it. The role of the data scientist is to use the accurate set of tools and algorithms to process the data and bring out the useful results.

Top 5 Programming Languages Every Data Scientist Should Learn in 2019

According to the report from Forbes, in the US, Data Science has been termed as the best job. Also, a recent study says that by the year 2020, there will be a 28% rise in the demand for expert data scientists.

What is data science?

Before we move further, firstly it is very important to understand what actually data science is. Well, it is a methodology of combining the data analysis strategy along with statistics, complex algorithms and mathematics in order to find out the profitable moves for the companies. As advancements are increasing in machine learning, data science is becoming more powerful and popular.

In case you are planning to become a skilled data scientist, you need to be proficient in minimum one of the programming languages and sky is the limit. Thinking which language to for from the stream of all available coding languages? Well, don’t worry, we have listed out the top 5 programming languages that you should learn being a data scientist. Have a look at them below:

1. Python

In the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Python is a very popular programming language. It is extremely powerful and dynamic language being used in the community of data science. Python is known to be the simplest languages to learn and understand. The powerful libraries of Python make it the best statistical tool and a perfect suit for analysis.

In case you wish to start up the career in Python, you can take the python training from Fita where learning is done from scratch and hence understanding becomes easier.

1. R

Next in the list is another powerful modeling and visualizing programming language called R. It is an open source programming language with one of the biggest communities of learners. In open statistical analysis, none of the tools can challenge R. There are many models available with R and recruiters keep looking for employees who have a combo of R and machine learning.

You can go for datacamp to get training in R where everything will be taught to you in details.

2. Spark

Another best programming language that is recommended to be in the IT world is Spark. Apache Spark is an open source tool that is responsible for handling the processing of real time data with the help of Spark RDD, Spark SQL and the machine learning libraries of spark. The various benefits of spark are its high speed along with ease to access and use of high level libraries. This makes spark a highly used technology in the industry.

If you want to learn this programming language, then get Spark training in Pune from Petaa Bytes can be very beneficial if you are willing to excel in the technology. Here, you will learn about complete spark programming along with the working on real life use cases.

3. SQL

In the field of data science, it is difficult to survive without SQL. It is used to fetch the data from RDBMS and edit as per the requirements. For decades, it has been used by the experts to get the data and store it safely. The processing time is very fast for this language and hence it is widely used for the online transaction.

Learning SQL is quite simple and Lynda provides best SQL training to all the candidates whether fresher or experienced professionals.


Last in the list is SCALA i.e. scalable language. It is an open source programming language and has a very huge user-base. The language operates on JVM and is best for the organizations where data is available in very quantity. It is a popularly used language which works perfectly in combination with Hadoop.

You can take the SCALA training from my Coursera which excels in offering the best online training to all the candidates.

So now you can choose one out of all the available languages and increase your knowledge base.


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