Benefits of Using QR Codes Payments For Business


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Digital payments have become an integral part of our lives today. The emphasis on social distancing in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak has taken the cashless trend several steps ahead. Most customers want to scan QR Code Android for convenient, zero-contact payments.

Benefits of Using QR Codes Payments For Business

In response to this prolific demand, business owners and retailers are relying on the Android-based EPOS System (Electronic Point of Sale). Not just high-end retail outlets today, we can see merchants using QR codes for small neighbourhood stores, service centres, repair shops, vendor kiosks, and so on.

A Closer Look at QR Codes

QR Codes or Quick Response Codes comprise a square matrix with white background and black mesh-like pattern. They have a higher data storage capacity in comparison to barcodes. These codes can even be printed on standard black and white printout on paper for smart devices to read or scan with ease.

As a merchant, you can conveniently share your account details in the form of a QR code. It can be easily and instantly generated. Furthermore, the high level of encryption makes it absolutely safe and secure. When the customer scans your merchant QR code using their smartphone, the payment link is opened, confirmed, and the amount gets debited from the customer’s account to your account.

Prime Reasons for the Recent Popularity of QR Codes

Everybody from street vendors to supermarket owners is offering scan QR code Android options to customers. The all-encompassing EPOS system with an in-built ‘scan and pay’ feature has become the most preferred POS device for the modern-day retailer. Sluggish cash registers and archaic invoice printers are out of the picture now.

There are several fundamental reasons for the recent popularity of QR codes:

  • Easy to generate with no technical know-how required.
  • No special equipment is required for payment, and just a camera-enabled smartphone is enough.
  • Quick and convenient.
  • No risk or fraud. Sharing QR code is 100% safe as compared to sharing mobile numbers or card details.
  • The current emphasis on physical distancing has made the ‘scan and pay’ option a highly preferred mode of payment for minimal risk/exposure to both parties.

Top Benefits of Scan QR Code Android Option for Businesses

In India, the trend of Scan QR Code Android initially started in the metro cities but is now rapidly penetrating smaller cities and towns. Not just customers but even businesses are finding it highly advantageous for a digital payment option.

POS service providers have responded to this change and are now selling the portable, affordable, and user-friendly EPOS system. This is essentially a compact, wireless touch screen device with Android OS, which is way more convenient and aesthetic as compared to the traditional POS setup. Along with UPI payments and digital wallets, QR code payments have paved the path for this digital transformation.

Here are the top benefits of QR Code Payment for businesses:

  • Instantaneous: Scan QR code Android facilitates instant payments. This is highly advantageous for your business’s cash flow. There is no holding period whatsoever, and the money is immediately credited to your merchant account in an instant.
  • Cost-Effective: If you cannot afford to purchase an EPOS system, you can display a printout of your merchant QR code (encapsulating the payment link to your bank account) in your establishment. The customer can scan it and pay.
  • Error-Proof and Secure: There is no scope for errors with QR code payments. The complex encryption makes it virtually impossible to hack or misuse in any way.
  • Eliminates Physical Contact: Unlike cash or card payments that require physical contact, ‘scan and pay’ is the ideal contactless payment method.
  • Hassle-Free: No need to count the cash, generate physical invoices or receipts, and maintain a written account of your daily transactions. This digital payment mode is indeed a boon for business owners.
  • No Setup or Third-Party Involvement: You don’t need to rely on a third party or hire an expert to set up your POS system. It is super-easy to generate your merchant QR code and start receiving payments.


With many Indians having access to smartphones and affordable data packs, there is an ongoing digital revolution that has spread amongst the masses. Online payments are not just here to stay but will gradually dominate cash payments in the times to come. It is highly advisable for businesses across all realms to pace up and keep abreast of these changes.


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