Dating After Divorce: Commandments for a Stress-Free Love Life After a Split


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If there is anything more stressful than a divorce, it is dating post-split. Face it, dating after a split can be a big reason for anxiety, especially for newly separated individuals. Managing the dating world after splitting involves moving out of your comfort zone. However, if you are able to embrace your past as a lesson, develop a healthy mentality, and apply a few dating tips, you’re good to go. What limits most people from successfully moving on is the mentality that relationships are going to be rainbows and roses through and through. Dating in your 20s does not match up to dating in your 40s or later. As we age, life brings more to the table, hence the recommendation to change your mindset.
Below, you will find a listing of some steps to help you get back into the game stress-free after a divorce.

Dating After Divorce: Commandments for a Stress-Free Love Life After a Split

Rediscover yourself first

Before doing anything else post-split, you have to get back to reality and accept your new single life. Dating coach and matchmaker, Kimberly Seltzer, recommends concentrating on finding new habits, building a healthier lifestyle, and rebuilding your image physically or through a closet improvement. From your experience in your previous relationship, you can tell how overwhelming dating is. So, focus on yourself first before anything else. Do not be in any rush.

Be social

Getting back together with a group of friends is an excellent path to take. Going out and having fun with friends will help take your mind off stressful issues and help you unwind. If the majority of your friends are not single, you may find it hard to hang out as much. You can try meeting someone new using one of the available dating apps and maybe start a long-lasting friendship or relationship.

Avoid rushing things

Maybe you will succeed in finding someone new in your life. Then, all of a sudden, the anxiety and depression kick in. It is good to avoid this by taking a few moments to calm your nerves before a date. Once you reach a state of relaxation, be conversive, and avoid the topic of your previous love life. And once you get the chance to meet someone new, you will also have the opportunity to rewrite your love story.

Take the risks

Dating can cause a lot of fears that make us avoid taking chances when it comes to love. If you manage to get the hang of the single life, you can always take a risk and try falling in love again.


To avoid depression, you do not want to have a negative mindset towards dating. Also, by viewing dating as a sort of practice, you can reduce anxiety during unexpected encounters. Bear in mind that dating also comes with the possibility of things not working out, so don’t be hard on yourself.

For the first time in a while, try to consider dating as a chance to practice, and if you fail, it shouldn’t bother you. Life is about taking chances – rather than avoiding them.


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