In a Relationship What is Considered Cheating?


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Cheating is a small word that can finish a relationship very cleverly. There are two basic things that are very dangerous for a relationship to meet a dead end. One is disrespect towards your partner like people says wife yells at me and vice-versa. Another thing in the list is betray, it is also a reason why people are taking divorce these days. Today we will try to define the boundaries of cheating in a relationship and how to differentiate cheating from being extrovert or liberal minded. People often confuse cheating with liberal thinking of a person which should be avoided. So here is how you can interpret your partner is cheating on you in a relationship.

In a Relationship What is Considered Cheating

Hiding things that your partner should know

The primary things that a relationship must have towards each other that is transparency. If your partner or you are hiding anything from your partner it means you are cheating on him. But at the same time if the things you are hiding are beyond your personal life then it would not be a cheating at all. You are a human at primary level and you can keep many secrets of your personal life which are not meant to share with anyone in the world. Hiding things that matters in a relationship are responsible for making you feel that you are cheating.

Losing affection towards each other

When you are losing affection towards each other it means you are cheating on your partner. A relationship is based on love and affection and when they starts dying towards each other it means you are no longer in love with your partner. So this is the beginning of extramarital affairs for many and become the cause of cheating also. Many couples lie to each other when they lose affections towards each other in a relationship. So this is another way you can figure out whether you are cheating on your partner or not.

Having extramarital affairs in marriage

This is the biggest way to figure out cheating in a relation when you are involved in extra material affair. Many situation in married life disgust us about the relation as we starts looking alternatives out of marriage. This is the point where you can consider yourself betraying your partner. People are justifying their behavior of cheating in marriages and getting involved in extra marital affairs on several grounds. But if you are giving your time and emotions to someone else than your partner it means you are not showing any loyalty towards him or her.

Lying your partner to plan meeting for extramarital affairs

If you are lying to your partner that you have meetings in office and securing time to plan your dates for extramarital affairs it is again cheating. You cannot cheat in a relationship when it comes to marriage especially. This is because marriage is considered as most holy bond between two people forever and eternal. In case you do not like your partner better you take divorce from her or him. But staying in relation and cheating your partner is not good to destroy the reverence of marriage institution.

Not giving rights to your partner that a married relationship should

Your partner deserve all the rights that a married life gives to her and him. If you are denying her or him to practice those rights then you are significantly cheating her or him. For example it is the right of your partner to ask where you are and where are you going. He or she can ask you regarding your plans, financial investments on emotional grounds. All this goes very smoothly when you love your partner. Some says it is personal freedom to disclose or not financial investments and such matters to your partner. Well it is quite fine that you have personal financial investments but people who are in love do not hesitate to share such details even with partner. Though we cannot consider it into an act of cheating but it gives a chance to your partner to suspect on you.

To conclude

So this is how we can differentiate between cheating and liberal and broad perspective of a person to be in a bond of marriage. There can be conflict in two different perceptions like one is saying it personal freedom and other claim it as betray. But if you are in love with your partner just share everything to keep your bond strong. You can have words on your personal freedom with your partner as well to make him or her realize you are not cheating him or her. But things like extra material affairs do not give any grounds for liberal thinking and any such justification as it is totally a cheating in a relationship.


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