3 Best Tarot Cards for Career


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Psychic readings are highly dependent on your state of mind and emotional health, which is why it helps to form intention and follow through with daily conscientious steps toward your goals. That is true whether you are charting your life path, seeking career advancement, or just generally trying to find the balance of happiness in your personal life.

3 Best Tarot Cards for Career

Also it is quite easier when you have a clear idea what it is that you want, and the best tarot readers all agree that it is easier to frame when you have a firm grasp on the cards that symbolize those goals. Here are the top three moon tarot card to understand if you are keeping an eye on advancement and prosperity at this phase of your journey.

# 1 Ace of Pentacles

The ace of pentacles is often the most sought-after career card because aces are symbols of new beginnings. The common interpretation for a three-card reading with an ace of pentacles or ace of discs is a new job or opportunity. The pentacles represent monetary wealth, which is why one of their alternative presentations is as discs or coins.

You can see the symbolism throughout the pentacles suit’s art, with the pentacle symbols explicitly drawn on coins or used as symbols of payment in several of the cards. When this card does not represent new beginnings, it tends to symbolize a new promotion or another type of direct advancement.

# 2 Two of Wands

Wands represent actualization and intellectual achievements, so many people are surprised to see one in such a prominent position in career readings. When you are focused on career and life ambition queries, the two of wands symbolizes a chance to improve your skills, deepen your education, or pursue experiential learning opportunities abroad.

The combination of the adventure promised with travel and the opportunity for future advancement inherent in skill improvement are the traits that make people hope for this card, especially when they are still focused on finding the right place to fully bloom in their professions. If you are working on a psychic path that incorporates all of your life goals into a bigger picture, this card is an especially good career draw because it balances several aspects of life in one event.

# 3 Ten of Pentacles

The third highly sought-after card is the ten in the pentacles suit. Tens are pinnacle cards, representing the heights of achievement in the suit’s domain. For pentacles, that means they are a symbol of a career peaking.

If you are close to a major advancement, they could herald it’s coming. If you’ve recently been recognized as a leader in your field, it could be a symbol that your status has been cemented for the duration of your career.

To fully understand this card and how it might interact with the other two top cards for career readings, you need to seek out online readings or search for mediums near me to find a professional capable of discussing your life path with you. Online psychics are convenient, available any time of day, and skilled enough to be accurate even when the reading is not in a face to face setting, so book your reading with one today.


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