Want To Become A Dentist? Read these Pros and Cons


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Who are dentists?

These are the people who deal in oral health. Dentistry is a challenging field, but it’s interesting and rewarding. It needs the skills to handle all ages. Today’s generation is much interested in a dental field.

Want To Become A Dentist? Read these Pros and Cons

Every field has its pros and cons.


1. A Respected profession
It’s always been a respected profession in the community. Unlike, before this profession is now vision at great heights. People pay equally due respects to this profession, nowadays. In, compare to old days, now there can be seen a dental clinic in all the corners of the place. The cosmetic dentists in Nagpur are well known and most respected in this profession.

2. Helping profession

The dentists have no age bar for their patients. They provide their service from infants to any old age person. They serve to attend the tooth pain and oral mouth treatment which are often unbearable. The dentist not only relieves the pain but also bring significant improvements in people’s life. They restore in them the good smile, teeth, self-confidence, and ability to eat and speak properly. It gives great pleasure to the dentist when they relieve the pain from a toothache or gift the beautiful smile to any.

3. Stability

The stability in the profession is increasing now. People do understand the importance and need of dentists in their life. The maintenance of oral health is important for everyone. It can’t be avoided after an age and up to the stage. The old age people require dentist more. Longer they live, more the need of dentists.

4. Income

The dentistry provides good space to earn handsome salaries or account good amount in own. The modern dentists have equipped the modern technology. The people would always like to get serve first and fast. They would like to have painless treatment as much possible. So, the dentists who have adapted the modern technology are trafficking large crowd and earn good.

5. Lifestyle

The dentists are seen to have a good and balanced lifestyle. The settled dentists are seen working selective days in the week. Some of them would like to work at weekends as well. The other way, when a person earns good income they can balance their life easily between work, family and social life.

6. Self-employment

Few years of practicing, hardworking and dedication will lead any dentist to own one’s clinic. It’s all on one’s dream and desire to what height he/she needs to attain the success.


1. Education

It has been said that nearly 7-8 years are needed to spend in dentistry. After a bachelor degree of 4 years, the rest of the other years are spent in dental school. They are in need of practice. The students after securing the degree, many of them don’t have the patience to continue for long in the dental school. The advanced dental clinic Nagpur is always keen to hire the dentists who have both degree and dental school experiences.

2. Long hours

After spending years after dentistry study, a dentist needs to work long hours with patients to sharpen his/her skills. Sometimes, a dentist gets exhausted and starts disliking the profession.

3. Physical work

Depends on people, what they think. Some says its physical demanding field, many disagree with them. It requires mental exercise while treating patient. Plus the hands and body need to be completely active. The eyes should have good vision. As they need to treat the mouthparts and tooth inside, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There is not enough space to inside the mouth to work with those sharp tools. It literally needs the high mental stability and concentration.

4. Competition

There is competition in every field, more or less. The acceptance in the dental school is getting tough day by day as the numbers of candidates are increasing every year. The dentistry is the field that offers the freedom to one to manage their work as per their choice as a dentist. After, dental school one needs to compete with their fellow dentists to get the patient for practice.

When it’s time to own a dental clinic, one has to govern the marketing skill to enhance its practice popularity to be more successful. I have seen the best dentist nearby always providing the volunteering services and thus people come to know about their best practices.

5. Infectious disease

The diseases are easily spread through mouth. A dentist is easily susceptible to illness and infectious diseases. They always wear their mouth mask plus skin gloves. But, the bad breathe, or the contagious illness makes them sick often.
They work with the sharp instruments which need to be handled properly. If accidentally poked may results in contracting blood borne diseases. Such cases rarely happen, but still the fear of its possibility always fly on dentists’ head.


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