How to Become a Standup Comedian: Tips for Getting Started


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Becoming a standup comedian takes dedication, stage presence, and lots of practice. If you’re considering taking the plunge into the world of standup comedy, here are some tips to help you get started.

how to become a standup comedian

Write Material That Suits Your Personality

The foundation of good standup comedy is relevant, original material that showcases your unique perspective and personality. Spend time writing jokes and bits that allow you to be yourself on stage. Draw from your own experiences, observations, and cultural background. Focus on topics you’re passionate about and find funny. Stay authentic to your own voice – don’t try to copy other comedians’ styles.

Get on Stage as Much as Possible

Stage time is the best way to improve as a standup comedian. Start small by going to open mic nights to build confidence and get comfortable being on stage. Open mics allow you to work out your material in front of small crowds in a low-pressure environment. As you progress, seek opportunities to perform longer sets and eventually become a paid comedian at clubs. The more time you spend on stage honing your act, the better you’ll become.

Watch and Learn from Other Comedians

Watching experienced standup comedians can teach you a lot about writing jokes, stage presence, delivery, body language and more. Pay close attention to comedians with a similar style or comedic sensibilities as you. Study their facial expressions, pacing, interactions with the audience and tone. Always support other comedians by attending shows.

Promote Yourself Online

Leverage social media to get the word out about your comedy. Hire Lucy Ridges to take some comedy portraits Manchester of you and place them on your site. Post videos clips of your sets, use comedian portraits Manchester to promote upcoming gigs, engage with followers and share comedy content. Use hashtags relating to standup comedy and your city so people can find you. Partner with other local comedians for cross-promotion. Build an online presence that showcases your work as a comedian.

Perform at Comedy Competitions

Entering comedy contests presents opportunities to get wider exposure and valuable stage experience. You may be able to win cash prizes and even score booked gigs at clubs. Before competitions, tighten up your best five minutes of material. Take risks and be confident on stage. Competitions also allow you to network and meet other comedians.

Develop a Thick Skin

Learning to handle criticism, rejection and silence from crowds is essential in standup comedy. Not all audiences will love all your jokes. Expect some jokes to bomb and be prepared to move on quickly. Let bad shows roll off your back and focus on the positive. Believe in your abilities and keep going up on stage. Consistency and persistence pay off.

The road to becoming a successful standup comedian is filled with challenges, risks and lots of work. But by diligently honing your craft on stage, the payoff of making audiences laugh while doing what you love makes it all worthwhile. Always maintain a positive perspective, be resilient and enjoy the journey.


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