Privacy Policy is a platform where people can enhance their learning on the plethora of arenas like technology, real estate, relationship, search engine optimization and much more in the row. But in order to make it possible that readers get to avail these blogs on various topics with utmost ease certain basic personal data is asked from the visitors on website. This page is written in reference to General Data Protection Regulation act (GDPR) which gives a right to the readers to have awareness about the purposes for which we can utilise their personal data that they share with us while visiting our website.

It implies that if you are agree to our terms and conditions then your data could be used for the below mentioned subjects by the website owners. If you refuse to accept out terms and conditions while browsing through our website then in that case we are not going to involve in the data sharing process for any purpose. But in that case you will not be able to access many of our services on the website as well like subscription of the alerts when new blog is posted and much more.

Have a look on the type of your Personal data that could be traced

You might have caught in multiple troubles by sharing your data on certain frauds website which are designed for stealing the personal information very cleverly. When you are told by the experts that due to sharing your personal details you get thus trouble then it can shake you to the innermost nerve of your brain that when did you do that. Well, many technically unsound people are not aware of the fact that by singing up to the account on this website can get a control on their personal details. That is why it is necessary to know for you that while visiting which sort of data you are sharing with us.

  1. We are having a track on your mobile phone model easily whenever you make a visit on our website.
  2. It is not difficult for us to know the IP address of your website while you are reading the content of the blogs written on our website that is
  3. More, your location is no far hidden from us when you are on the website reading our content.
  4. Not only the type of device you are using could be tracked by us but at the same time we have the access to track your location as well.
  5. In case you like the content on website and make a subscription there in that case your mailing address is also in our hand.

This is the basic data you are sharing with us while visiting to every time.


Where we utilise the Data Collected from You

You might be worried about the fact that to whom we are going to pass on this information mentioned above. Well, this information is not thrown away blindly by and every care is taken before supplying the details to any other hand by us. Here are some purposes and causes for which we are utilising your data.

  1. For the purpose of getting involved in the business of e marketing, email ID is supplied to big businessmen by us. This ID is used by the businessmen for the promotion of their business through email.
  2. Consumer behaviours analysis and business development both goes hand in hand in modern time and the ad sons that run on the website are efficient to determine that behaviour of the consumer if they click on a specific type of advertisement. This gives a track to their needs for the sellers and they take a step on providing the demands of the customers by sending related product through email or other medium.
  3. Website features could also be modified by us to meet all your expectations. Like when you are subscribing to and read one or other type of blog mostly then we only send such blogs links on your email account to make it easier for you and us as well.


Weapons in your Hand that can obstruct us for sharing your Details

In case you are not comfortable for sharing your personal details for email marketing or any other type of service mentioned above then very effectively you can resist it by not agreeing to our terms and policies on the website. This act will limit us from taking any action that can pass on your information like IP address and place in the global positioning system as well. So take a wise decision as per your expectations and avoid sharing your data without any purpose. If you are a big fan of blogs that are written by the then you will definitely fail to resist for not agreeing to our privacy policies. But we always give a secure ground to our readers for reading in a huge number of niches without the worry and tension of data loss and other corruption.


How we give Security to your Information from getting leaked to dangerous Hands

We have concerns of sharing your personal information and details only with those business parties and teams which are under the trust of us. We never indulge in any activity that can put you in a danger of data theft or such other serious issues. You can have a great time browsing through our website without any risk and your data in the safest hands when you are reading blogs on

So get rid of the worries that people often gives you on the name of your personal data leakage by subscribing to different websites. Although it is important for you to know about the authentic websites before subscribing them but still making a trust is also a good thing for reading such quality blogs.