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Facebook is the favourite social networking site of every other person in present time. Making comment on friends picture is one of the favourite thing that people love to do in their leisure. At the same time sharing reels is another big deal that is recently flourishing on this platform and people love to share their personal moments with their friends on this website often and get reactions of people in the form of comments on their pictures and posts. But it is important to know about which are the best comments on friend’s photo that to be used to be in this fray like pro. If you will write a weird comment on someone’s pictures it can be embarrassing for you. Here is a list of best FB comments for friends prepared by the experts who are too often active on Facebook to save you from such embarrassment. You can also click here if you are looking for a social media agency.

100+ Best Comments for Friends Photo on Facebook & Instagram

1. Best comments on Friends Photos

We often hear words in our college or school group like friend ki post pr comment and similarly for comments on reels and other stuff shared by them. All this give a glimpse of the craze for social media amongst people irrespective of their age status. If you are looking for best comments on friends photos to have an effective impression on your friends then do follow the given list of comments. All the comments are highly innovative and new and can fetch great attention of people.

Best comments on Friends Photos:
Looking so nice
Hey! You look amazing dear
Awesome Pic guys
Nice place and nice picture
You look elegant man
Best picture ever
Good one dear
You look fresh in nature
Wow! This is gracious
Unique and sober
Trending picture dear
You look insane in the picture, dare I say

2. Good comments for Facebook, Instagram profile pictures

If you are in search of Facebook best comments for friends to lure them with your words and show your love towards them following list is going to make your day. Here are few good comments for Facebook profile pictures that can be used by anyone for free of cost to comment on different pictures uploaded on Facebook. You can modify these comments as per the context of the photo also which is going to make it relevant for the picture of your friend or reels for that matter. These comments are going to get you lot of attention from your friends without making much efforts.

Good comments for Facebook, Instagram profile pictures:
How did you always manage to smile so well?
Your face is glowing like a red rose
This is your best picture man
Wow, cute pie
Beautiful Mom, beautiful daughter
Cuteness overloaded
Nice Pic
I can see the development in your personality
You look cheerful dear
Amazing Pic
Out of the world
Generous look
Elegant and sober Pic

3. Best comments for a girl photo on Facebook & Instagram

Men and boys always want to impress women by using different tricks and commenting on their Facebook pictures is one of these tricks. In such scenario it is much more than friend ki photo par comment for boys. They want to steal every opportunity to impress girls on social media to add them in follower list and friend list as per the different social platforms. The best comments for girl’s photos on Facebook are enlisted here for such boys and men. Choose a good comment as per the situation from the following list to impress the girls on Facebook.

Best comments for a girl photo on Facebook & Instagram:
I like your dress, it is amazing
You look different and cute
Beauty queen
Good look mam
I like your hairstyle!
You are changing drastically for good, keep it up
Loving, dare I say?
Radiant and glowing Pic dear
I am in love with your dress
You are getting me envious with your look
Wow! What a picture you click
How did you learn to click so well

4. Free ideas for best comment on Pic of Facebook & Instagram

If you are a social media geek and gets compelled to comment on every picture you come across in your feed, you really need to work on your comment vocabulary. Making repeated comments is not going to get you much appreciations from people. That is why you must experiment something new every time making a comment on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Here are few best comments on Pic for Facebook users from the eminent professionals. Pick any comment of your choice from the list to share your comment on the friends’ and relatives pictures.

Free ideas for best comment on Pic of Facebook & Instagram:
Is this your new friend?
Great, I liked it
Loving click
Best couple on earth
You guys complement each other
Bless this holy soul, looking so cute
Ah! It is marvellous
Super sober
Lovely smile
Royal Pic of yours
It is too funny
She has grown up know
Two little brothers rocking together

5. Good comments for a boy Pic on Facebook & Instagram

Just like boys are desperate to comment on girl’s picture we can find the similar craze amongst girls to comment on boys pictures also. But it is very important to comment carefully without giving any wrong hint to the boys. That is why keep a sophistication level of the comments so that you are not conveying wrong message through your comments. Seek this list of comments for boy Pic on Facebook prepared for you especially to help you in improving your skills of commenting on Facebook. All the suggested commented are free of cost for people.

Good comments for a boy Pic on Facebook & Instagram:
Nice photo dude
You tried editing this time?
Have you joined a gymnasium?
Eye soothing picture dear
Nice shot bro
You look so healthy and fit
My favourite picture of yours
Oh my God you have put on so much!
You look lazy
Stand easy bro
Cutting dash
Rocking picture
Natural and awesome

6. Unique comments on handsome boy Pic on Facebook & Instagram

The toughest word that we come across in our everyday life is unique. It is very tough to remain unique in any field of life but this is the truth of life that we can only survive when we have different ideas than other and similar rule apply in the realm of social media too. Finding unique comments for making them on social media picture is now easier than ever before. Here are suggested best comments on handsome boy Pic on Facebook for those who have less experience in commenting on FB. These comments listed here will enhance their skills and way of commenting easily. Make it happen to comment of the boys pics by using these comments. Try to apply your lit on these comments to turn them even more interesting to get your followers and friends.

Unique comments on handsome boy Pic on Facebook & Instagram:
You look handsome bro
Nice bread, I like it
Wow, your Biceps are suiting to your personality dude
Good click
Best click of yours
Damn good
You are always amazing
Handsome as usual
You always inspire by your look bro
Cool look bro
This is awesome and unique
Selfie expert
New look suits you very well

7. Best FB & Insta comments for Friends

Few best FB comments for friends are listed here for you if you have low confidence in commenting without help. You will be able to comment on every post of your friend with the help of these comments. These comments are not picked up randomly from anywhere. The list includes best comments that are unique and you will be able to get the appreciation of your friends and peers by making these comments on their pictures. Mostly college and school goers can experiment with these kinds of social media comments for throwing them as compliment on friends pictures.

Best FB & Insta comments for Friends:
Gang of rockstars
My friends!
Oh! You make me reminded of college days
Which place is this bro?
Hundred million dollar smile bro
You are always best dear
My friend and partner
Rejuvenating picture
You look too weak
Long time

8. Ideas for nice picture comments

Here are nice picture comments that you can use for commenting on sober pictures uploaded on FB by your friends. Make sure that you are selecting a comment that suits the picture you are commenting on. So stick to these ideas whenever a nice picture come across your way while scrolling through your feed on Instagram and Facebook.

Ideas for nice picture comments:
Nice elegant click
You look beautiful forever
It is more than cute
Have no words to explain your beauty
Studious look
Our hard working soul
Cool DP
Hey! Your profile picture is awesome

These are some Facebook comments that you can use to comment on your friends, relatives, and other pictures on Facebook. All of them are going to serve the best purpose to amaze people with your creativity. You can set a good image amongst peer by making such comments on their photos. All the comments are unique and new that will help you to impress people with your honor of commenting. We update the above list of best comments on friend’s photos regularly. If you have any suggestions related to the post, you can comment on the below section. We will work and implement it on our blog.

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