Top 100 Proxy Site List 2019


What are Proxy Sites?

These are the servers which act as a middleman between two different servers. So if you want to access an information not provided by your server, you can use a proxy server in that state. It will pass the request to another server which can provide it and then you will be provided to access that particular information. It is generally a way to have an access to blocked pages and URL on a website.

Top 100 Proxy Site List

Significance of Proxy Servers

1. Access to all websites
With the help of proxy servers, you can have an access to all the websites and web pages which cannot be accessible otherwise by using your server. A proxy server acts as a middleman between two servers in order to provide access to its client.

2. Maintain Anonymity of the Person
When you are surfing a website or web page through the proxy server, your identity is not revealed, this is because, it is a proxy server which passes your command to the other server, which is providing access to a particular website. So it will remain a matter between that server and proxy server.

3. No Access to IP address to Hackers
As the proxy server is providing you with the access to an external server, your IP address will not divulge to the external server. This can protect your system from external unauthentic malicious attacks and of course also from hackers.

Drawbacks of Proxy Servers

Though these proxy sites are very helpful to have an access to different websites, at the same time every action you take on these server remains as a record there. Some proxy servers are even unauthentic to use as they sell your data to the hackers many times. This can create a major discomfort for your cyber security. So you can reap the benefits at most but at the same time, you also have to suffer sometimes when you get the access through unauthentic proxy sites.

Top 100 Proxy Site List 2019

It is true that proxy sites are proving out to be really helpful to get an access to all websites but it is quite a big deal to sort out new best free proxy sites list 2019. Nowadays many of them are unauthentic and are run by the owners for ill purposes like stealing data and selling it. Here is a list of best free proxy servers list 2019, these all sites are authentic and secure to use.

List of web proxy sites


Apart from proxy sites or proxy servers, there is another option for you to access blocked website at the institute or office that works 100%. Just add an extension that’s called “HOXX” in your Google Chrome browser and access all the websites such as Facebook, Youtube, etc. Its a type of VPN tool that’s totally free of cost and it works only in the Chrome browser to provide you unlimited access to all the internet. With using HOXX you can access the internet from various countries such as India, USA, UK and so on but signup is required before using the tool. Moreover, this is the best and the safest way to surf the internet or watching any video on the different platforms.


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