What is Email Validation And How Does It Work?


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Email validation is a way to ensure that an email address is indeed genuine and implementable.

Here is how your email address has grown to be so huge. To maintain this list structured, boost performance and reliability, and low failure rates now would be the time to understand how to check email addresses.

After building a lead list, one of the most important phases of email marketing is email validation. That is why we dedicated an entire article to validate your email address, and it should not be ignored.

What is Email Validation And How Does It Work?

An effective email address is the foundation of any business seeking productive email marketing. It’s beneficial to double-check if the email address listing is valid, free of errors, and it exists.

When your visitors use their email addresses and make a mistake signing up for your list, sometimes mishaps may happen.

People can mistype two letters instead of just one, likely to result in an invalid email address. How can we get high-quality, efficient, and error-free email addresses despite these problems? The best solution is to use EmailsVerified, an email validation platform.

What is Email Validation?

The method of verifying that an email address is deliverable and legitimate is known as email validation. It runs a quick check to detect typographical errors, to find out if the email address is outright errors or deliberately misleading.

It also confirms if there is a specific email address with a trusted domain (for example, Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, or Yahoo). Not only does this help organize and clean your email address list, but it also helps protect the email sender’s rating, thus maximizing the efficiency of your email program.

How does Email Validation Work?

Email address authentication is available from most email service providers. There are numerous free resources available to validate email addresses.

First, you have to fill up a list of email IDs. The email address validation tool will then run some quick checks to determine if the email address is valid, dangerous, or invalid.

Valid: This ensures that there is an email address and there are no mistakes. This check would accomplish the standard of the mailbox.

Risk: This means that the recipient exists, but other factors indicate that this address could still trigger a return.

Invalid: When an email address is labeled as invalid, that means, it has syntax, DNS, or mailbox errors.

Some algorithms and applications can perform this operation, but they can only perform 3 main types of validation:

Syntax Check

Verify that the email address is entered correctly, without spaces, commas, and all @, periods, and domain extensions are in the right positions.

When composing professional emails, you should review your copy with an application to ensure that every word is pronounced right and sentence structure is flawless.

The same is true for the email address authentication program.

The grammar check algorithm is as follows:

Standard Email Correspondence: Includes the local party, the symbol (@), and the domain name with a period (.)

Number of Characters: no more than 64 characters can be used in the local part. Proper placement of period symbols (.) And (@) is mandatory.

Special Symbols: ? “# $ % &` * + – _. / | \ ^ {} ~ Can be used in the local part of an email address, but not at the beginning or end of the local part.

Verifying the Domain

Please check the domain and email address to make sure they are working correctly.

The domain name comes after the @ symbol and displays the domain name with which the email address is associated. For example, in [email protected], valid.com is the domain name.

The email address validation service verifies that the spelling of the domain name is correct and that the site and domain are authentic and accurate.

This check is essential for one simple reason: the website will expire, and the associated email address will also expire. Some organizations leave the industry, while others move to a new domain and build new emails for that domain.

Ping the Email

The email validation tool sends a message to the recipient’s server to confirm that the email address exists on the server and is active.

During this validation, the Email Verifier pings the email address to see if it can receive and reply to the email. Suppose the request arrives at the recipient’s email address, and you receive a response. In that case, the email is considered active, and you can safely send them an actual email. This is also called SMTP authentication.

How can Email Validation Help?

Checking your email lists before running an email marketing campaign has its benefits. Looking for alternatives for your email marketing? Here are some of the popular marketing alternatives.

By removing all invalid email addresses from the list, you can increase your mail delivery speed by up to 98%, thus improving your mail delivery capacities.

It can help keep the sender’s score high, thereby improving your deliverability.

By not emailing the wrong users, you can save money and increase your return on investment.

You will get a higher conversion rate; The more emails you receive in your inbox, the higher the number of opens and clicks and the better the overall performance.

Here are some of the essential tools to enhance your email marketing.

There are various ways to verify your email address:

  1. When your customers enter their email addresses, you can add auto-complete, so they can choose the correct email address. This reduces manual entry errors
  2. The use of third-party tools can provide real-time information on the accuracy of the email address.
  3. Double selection is the best way to verify email addresses. If a customer subscribes to your email list or newsletter, email them requesting validation by replying.

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As you can see, email validation is only difficult in theory. So, you have to trust the email validation service that solves all your problems.

By investing in an email validation program, you will always ensure that your email lists are genuine, valid, and can accept any emails sent to them. As a result, the bounce rate is low, the email sender’s reputation remains high, providing up to 98%.


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