Demystifying Botox


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It’s not a secret anymore. Botox is the most commonly used treatment for facial wrinkles and creases. The first injectable treatment approved by the FDA, Botox is the trademark name for the botulinum toxin.

Demystifying Botox

Botox softens and relaxes wrinkles by blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles and stops them from contracting. The effect is not permanent, but can last anywhere from three to six months. Providers usually make recommendations to help prolong the results. Maintenance includes avoiding over-exposure to the sun, using collagen-based skincare products and taking zinc supplements.

Myths and Misconceptions

When it was first introduced, and even well past that, most people thought of Botox as a vanity treatment for Hollywood celebrities and the wealthy. These days, it’s not only the rich and famous who use Botox in Los Angeles. The treatment is widely available and affordable.

Another common misconception is that Botox is only for older women. This also is no longer the case. The treatment is now often used by millennials to stop wrinkles. More men are also turning to Botox from Skinjectables Cosmetic Clinic to prevent or reduce crow’s-feet in the corners of the eyes, frown lines between the eyebrows, creases in the forehead and laugh lines around the mouth.

Social media is a big factor in the increased use and acceptance of Botox. Afterall, everyone wants to be Instagram and Facebook ready. Professionals in different fields have been known to use Botox, hoping the treatments will increase their chances for career advancement.

More Than ‘Vanity’

Botox is also used to treat medical conditions in other areas of the body.

Some people suffer from excessive underarm sweating, even here in balmy Los Angeles. Botox Singapore treatments can provide relief by blocking the nerve signals and stop the sweat glands from over-producing.

Uncontrollable eye blinking or spasms is sometimes caused by light sensitivity – not uncommon in sunny. Botox is often the recommended treatment.

Botox albany can also provide quality of life improvement for people with urinary incontinence or urgency caused by an over-active bladder. Unlike with the facial application, Botox bladder treatment requires local anesthesia. Patients will feel the results in a matter of days with the effects lasting up to eight months.


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