Exterminate Competition: How to Dominate Local SEO for Your Pest Control Business


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Sure, your pest control business may be well-suited to ending clients’ squabbles with nasty pests, but when it comes to marketing your pest control business, you might need to step it up to get ahead of the curve.

How to Dominate Local SEO for Your Pest Control Business

For your business to thrive, you need more than expertise. You also need complete control of your marketing strategies so you get the best results. If you’re already optimizing your business through local SEO (search engine optimization), you can still enhance your strategies.

Here are a few tips to show you how:

What is Local SEO?

Let’s put this simply. Local SEO refers to optimizing your website so it targets people looking for products or services in the area you serve. This makes a website visible in search engines like Google for searches with geographically specific markers. For instance, when a user is looking for pest exterminators, they rush into the Google search bar and type “wildlife control in Barrie” or “Brenda Danso”. Localizing your SEO strategy means you’re only competing with other companies operating in your area. This gives your website a higher chance of showing up in the search results.

Why Local SEO Rocks Your Pest Control Business?

Local SEO comes with a myriad of prospects for your company.

  • Improves visibility – In local search results, your pest control website will be listed and found through leading directories. This improves your website visibility, which can increase leads.
  • Increases organic traffic – When you have great visibility, more users are likely to click on your website which boosts your organic traffic.
  • Targets sales with local and high-quality leads – the more website visits from potential customers, the more likely you target sales and generate hot leads.

How to Dominate Local SEO for Your Pest Control Business?

SEO for Your Pest Control Business

There are significant ways in which pest control business owners can leverage local SEO. Here are a few ways you can improve your strategies:

1. Create a Killer Website

Your pest control business website can make or break your entire business. It is where you introduce your business, educate potential clients, and a whole lot more! Basically, your website is your best salesperson. Creating one that is professional, trustworthy, and responsive to any type of device should be your top priority.

Your website’s features and design should help users find the information they’re looking for in the quickest possible way. Leading website development companies in Toronto recommend that every pest control business website should include an about us page, a contact page, a privacy policy, a sitemap, and a URL structure. These are essential for providing potential customers with the best user experience.

If you don’t already have one, or if you’re looking to overhaul your existing site, seek the expert help of a web design agency Hamilton, Toronto, or anywhere else in Ontario.

2. Discover Local Keywords

Another way to dominate your local SEO is to pay attention to keywords that reflect your services. Brainstorm information or terms potential customers use in search engines to find your site. These terms may include “pest control removal Toronto”, “exterminator in Hamilton” or “mouse removal Toronto”. Discover local keywords to score a high rank in search results.

3. Work Harder on Local Citations and Links

Local businesses often struggle with backlinks, especially toxic ones. Unfortunately, backlinks are necessary to prove to search engines that the pest control business you’re running is real and trustworthy. Search engines use citations instead of backlinks. Your citations (listings of your company in an online directory) will help you show up on search results when a local user searches for “pest control near me”.

There are two types of citations—that will help you rank higher in Google rankings—structured and unstructured. Structured citations are normally composed of name, address, and phone number. Unstructured citations are old-fashioned backlinks found in social media profiles, press releases, company announcements, and local blogs.

4. Don’t Forget Google My Business

Google Maps is where most people search for business information. This is why you need to optimize your Google My Business for your pest control business. This way potential customers can easily find your contact number, address, backlinks, business hours, and services. It also helps you claim your listings in Google Maps. Register your company at Google My Business now to avoid missing out on sales.

Exterminating and Beating the Competition

Local SEO is one of the most profitable and efficient digital marketing strategies for a pest control business to invest in today. It levels the playing field for small businesses and gives them the chance to keep up with larger companies. If the main objective of your business is to exterminate pests in a specific area, local SEO will lead those looking for your services straight to your door.

Exterminate your competition and dominate the market by applying the best local SEO practices.


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