Tips for Setting a Tornado Safe Room Below Stairs


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Those who live in tornado-prone areas should probably know how to protect themselves and those of their families. A little planning can be very significant in ensuring safety in times of weather emergencies.

Tips for Setting a Tornado Safe Room Below Stairs

Most people consider building a tornado safe room to be a difficult and time-consuming task that requires many resources. But this is not true since one can make a simple yet strong tornado shelter under stairs.

The space below the stairs is probably one of the naturally safe places in the house to create a tornado safe room. The design of the stairs gives overhead protection, while the lack of running pipes and windows makes it much safer from flying debris compared to any other place in the house.

However, there are ways through which the tornado safety rooms under stairs can be made much safer for the whole family. Here is how:

Clear the Access Points.

First and foremost, begin by clearing all the clutter inside or around the space below the stairs for quick and easy access. The stairs going to the basement are the most ideal for hunching down in case of a forthcoming tornado.

Keep this area as clean as possible, and ensure all the windows and openings in the basement are completely sealed to keep debris from getting in the safe room.

Add Extra Protection if Necessary.

If there is a need to solidify this place further, then using a thick oak wood board to reinforce the stairs will do. They can be added on top of the stairs and underneath where people will be taking shelter during the bad weather.

Adding extra protection on the floor is a great idea sit it will offer comfort as well as increased safety should anybody fall accidentally on the floor. Rubber tiles can be added as a base to the floor with extra layers of foam to cover the hard cement floor for improved comfort.

Avoid Keeping the Safe Room Airtight.

While it is not safe to leave an opening for prevention of debris from getting into the tornado shelter under stairs, it is also important not to make the room very airtight. It is advisable to leave spaces for ventilation, but not big enough to allow debris in.

Furthermore, the door to the tornado safe should open outwards instead of inwards. Ensure that there are hand tools ready that might be handy when there is a need to dig the way out after the tornado is over.

Basic lifesaving materials like the first aid kit, flashlights, food, water, and other essentials can be vital in ensuring the safety of everyone after the end of bad weather.

There is no need to fret for those who do not have a tornado-safe house in their homes. Having a tornado-safe room under stairs is the best solution for a double-story house. This space is naturally safe and can be turned into a fortified zone with little extra resources and work.

Remember to pack essential lifesaving tools and equipment, and basic things for survival during the entire period of bad weather.


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