The Top Instagram Reels Trends You Need to Know


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Trends are everywhere and in everything. Getting along with the trend is mandatory to survive in this competitive world. Social media trends are a must if you are looking for becoming an influencer or an existing influencer. Brands and businesses need to get along with the trend to reach potential customers and develop a connection with them. With reels getting famous more and more, it is important to inculcate the knowledge of reels on your social media platform. There is a general struggle that prevails among most Instagrammers on understanding the reels trends.

If you are someone in the crowd looking for top Instagram reels trends, scroll through this blog to get deeper insights.

Top Instagram Reels Trends You Need To Know

Here is a list of Instagram reels trends that you must follow apart from peeping through account hacking tips to view private Instagram and other such things.

1. Keep it short

Making the reel short will assist you in making trending reels. You must make short and informative reels. Long reels will make the audience bored and lose interest in the reels. Another advantage is that short reels can be made easier with a lot of attractive elements.

2. Add trending music

Music is abundantly present on Instagram. A general analysis of the feed will help you understand the currently trending music. Adding such music to your reels will increase the visibility of your reels. It will also be easily identifiable by people who are using such trending music as a source of search.

3. Hashtags

Hashtags are a mandatory element for all reels and will get more real Instagram reels views. Trending hashtags on reels will make your reel travel a long distance. Also, when you use such trending hashtags, audiences will be able to locate your reels quickly. Apart from your brand hashtags, ensure to place trending hashtags on all your reels. It keeps changing from time to time. So, it is advisable to do research on trending and add appropriate hashtags.

4. Photo reels

Dumping all our best photos into a reel is another good idea. This will make the audience interested in knowing more about you. Also, it will direct traffic to your Instagram handle. Adding effects to it will be creative and make the reel famous.

5. BTS reels

Behind the scenes is a fun concept for reels. Bloopers can be made into a reel. It will be interesting and the audience will be able to know the fun part of making the reels. It will also depict the effort that is being put into creating a reel. BTS can be collaged for 9-10 videos and can be posted once in a while.

6. Use the trending templates

Templates are a must when you are creating reels. Templates get famous in no time. People start using these templates for their posts. Analyze those kinds of templates and use them in your reels. Such reels will get popular and will be there on the feed for a longer period.

7. Make tutorials

Tutorials can be a base factor for your reels. Many influencers and brands are taking up tutorials as an idea for reels. Influencers are into makeup tutorials, product unboxing, and such. Brands can take up product usage, and installation videos.

8. Show your workspace

Shoot your workspace and make it into a reel. While doing so, the audience will know what and where all efforts are being made. Also, it will make them know a bit about your personal space. If you run a brand, you can show the factory or any units related to the work.

9. Copy the trending dance moves

Dance moves go into trends once in a while. You can redo these moves in your own style inculcating a creative element into it. Also, it will make your audience interested. Instagrammers will also be able to find you and your handle easily when you copy such trending dance moves.


Top trending reels keep changing from time to time. One mandatory factor to be kept in mind is to take efforts to understand and know what is on the trend and act accordingly. Also, another consideration to be made is to fully understand how these trends work and what must be done consistently to be in trend. The above-mentioned tips will be a guide to making top Instagram reel trends. Keep doing what you do the best and add a pinch of these factors to your reels to stay in the trend.


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