Suitable Time to Post on Tumblr For Finding New Followers


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Tumblr is a microblogging cum social networking site that enable users to post vivid range of videos, music and text files with proper customization of pages. As a consequence of which majority of businessmen and shopping websites tends to show their keen interest on Tumblr to promote their business. Although there are myriads of other social networking websites which enable users to promote their E-commerce sites and businesses but Tumblr is preferred by the users. This is because it is more helpful in promoting brand logos through page customization trait. Have a look below about best time to post to Tumblr so that you can catch the eye of more and more followers. So if you are looking forward to promote your business through Tumblr it is essential to make a post on perfect suitable time.

Suitable Time to Post on Tumblr For Finding New Followers

Time window when majority of the Tumblr users are active

This is a fact which is widely accepted that people cannot spend their entire day on Tumblr viewing various posts. Every user has a specific time to visit the Tumblr according to his or her life schedule. But still if you want to know when is Tumblr most active in other words the peak hours of user’s activity on Tumblr then there is a proper way for it. A research is carried out by the researchers for this purpose in which an eye is kept on user’s activity timing when majority users are active, for several months. Based on many researches, it is found that it dusk after dusk time to late night on can see the peak hours of Tumblr’s user activity. At the same time weekends are the most impactful time when one can see the busiest time for Tumblr.


The benefits of making a post on Tumblr at suitable time

It is very crucial to know that when to post on Tumblr as it can help you to get more and more people to come across your post. For example if you are making a business post on the peak hours when majority of Tumblr users are active then your business will automatically catch the eyes of many people.

On the other hand if you will ignore the importance of perfect timing for making a Tumblr post then you will have to kiss the dust with handful of followers. Not only business posts but you need to figure out the best time to post art on Tumblr as well. Thus indirectly you can promote your business in very effective way. So make sure that you are aware of the perfect timing of making a post on Tumblr, especially when your motif is to popularise your online business through Tumblr.


Target oriented timing for Tumblr posts

When you are making a post on Tumblr then, be very wise if you want more and more people to approach your post. The best time to post Tumblr is aforesaid already but it might not suit your purpose of drawing your followers. For example if you are posting on high hours on Tumblr then you have to struggle for making your post visible for the people as others will also be posting on same time period. But when your post is posted on low hours then it will automatically catch the eye of people. So make a wise decision while posting on Tumblr whether you want to seek the attention of new users for your post or just to want attention of your previous followers.


How to figure out best time to make a post on Tumblr by Yourself

The above time, which is referred as the best times to post on Tumblr might not suit your post. You can always figure out the best time for making a Tumblr post for yourself by following a proper strategy. Just try to bombard the Tumblr with your posts throughout the day and make a research that which post is getting best user attention. That is how you can come up with the best time to make a post of Tumble either for hitting your target users or promoting your business brand and logo. It might be time consuming for you earlier in the beginning but in long run you can cut a good benefit for your business posts in this way very easily.


Customize your Tumblr Post Timing by “Add to Queue” and “Publish On “Option

By now you must have understood about how to make a post on Tumblr on perfect time to draw the attention of followers in a very effective way. But if you want to target the users from different territories then you have to learn about how to schedule Tumblr posts. A unique feature is provided by Tumblr to its users which enable them to schedule their posts for a given time period according to different time zones for global target. Just utilize the “Add to Queue” and “Publish On” option on the social and micro blogging site. You can set your post and queue it up for a given time which suits to your purpose by selecting the “publish on” option. That is how you can make the best use of your post to promote a business or any other post for that matter on Tumblr.

So whether you are making a regular post or Tumblr schedule post in case of international target, it is crucial to keep the timing in mind always. If you are just making a random post on Tumblr then you might fail to catch as many as followers for your post as you can in case of posting your post on optimum time. Only few people use Tumblr for the sake of connecting with likeminded people having same interests rest of them use it to flourish the business and its brand only. That is why it becomes essential for them to follow the post timings strictly to attract more and more people towards their posts.


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