7 Most Unexpected Things We All Missing That We Never Thought We Will Miss in Quarantine


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Life is really so unpredictable, we never know what will happen next moment. I remember I had read a poem in my class 12th English book, “Keeping Quiet”. In this poem, the poet requests to the whole world to be completely quiet. This situation is something like that. The whole world is a lock-in their home, in this lockdown period. Because this COVID-19 becomes pandemic, for the world. There are so many things, that we thought we will never miss. But still, we are missing so much.

7 Most Unexpected Things We All Missing That We Never Thought We Will Miss in Quarantine

Yummy Desserts

Those who are good cooks, then always wanted to cook something. Those who are not good cooks, they always wanted to learn. They thought that they can make their, favorite cakes at home. Some people think better than a bakery. I tell you, I am one of them, sad but true. I really miss my midnight ordering cake. I think you also missing Bloomsvilla online cake online in Bangalore. But we can’t do anything about this, except missing. I miss that street food and, surprising my friend at 12 am by order cakes online.

Morning jogging in the park

If you will ask people like me, what you hate most in the morning. My answer will that morning alarm and jogging. Because of this, we have to sacrifice our morning sleep. But I think we all are missing jogging, that fresh air, and music. And I tell you, it was the best, place for most of the aunties to do their gossip. We all are missing this.

Hanging out with friends

We all thought sometimes, oh it’s better to be home than going with them. Sorry my dear friends, but I also thought sometimes. In fact, we all canceled so many plans. I also did. But we all are missing our friends so much. We all missing those outing with our friends. Those unplanned trips, parties, ugly photoshoots, and teasing each other. There are uncountable things, that we do with our friends. But now we can only imagine.

Working days

When we had to go to the daily office, school, college, and another working place. We all waited for Sunday. Now we have nothing to do every day is Sunday. Now we all are missing our working place and our workloads.

Bargain during shopping

Lots of people love online shopping. But still, some people who love to buy themselves by doing bargaining. I am one of those people. We always thought that what’s a problem, we can buy anything online. But now we can’t buy anything, not even online. Some people can live without oxygen, but can’t live without shopping.

Movies at theater

Whenever our friends or any close person plans movie. We always avoided going. We always, watching movies at home & send flowers to Mumbai, at the bed has another emotion. But now, we all are missing that big screen, popcorn, and fun. It has another craze that can’t match any other screen.

Street food

I think, that one thing we all are missing so much is street food. For people like me, street food is not less than sun rays. Sometimes we avoid going outside, because of the street food. But now we are desperate to eat them. We all are missing chat, pani-puri, ice cream, momos, chole-bhature, lassi, and many others.

Whatever I mentioned above, it’s all are common things. It seems like, someone just stole our life. We all wanted to spend time with our families. Now it is happening, then we are missing our regular life. We all are missing our morning alarm. We all are missing that morning mess. We all are missing that morning hurry to reach our respective working place. We all are missing those gatherings, that irritated us but, now we are missing. We all are missing those boring lectures. We are missing our meetings. There are numerous things that we all are missing. But the earth is happy because the hearth is healing. Pollution level decreases, the air becomes clear.

Let’s pray that everything settles down soon. Our life becomes normal as soon as possible. Hope everything will be good soon. And those things we are missing, we can do those things again.


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