Singapore Nightlife: Wine to Whiskey, Sake to Sambuca, Rooftop Parties to Basement Speakeasies


By day or night, Singapore provides ample options for a rooftop champagne brunch, exclusive whiskey dens, flash martini clubs, or innovative cocktail bars. When your working or difficult shopping day is over, and the sun is headed for the sea; leave time to change and arrive on a rooftop for a meeting with a memorable sunset.

singapore nightlife

You do not have to be a regular consumer of adult beverages to experience a warm happy glow from hearing the words “Hotel Bar in Singapore“. My mind conjures an image of a diverse happy international crowd, experiencing excellent hospitality, quality libations, culinary art, and world-class views, in embracing style. If that doesn’t make you book a ticket, have a read about some of the top hotel bars in Singapore.

• Vintage vinyl records and posters of 60’s cinema, fashion, art, and pop-culture décor are paid tribute to through exceptional concoctions with names inspired by the era at Republic. Relax in the softly lit luxurious lounge with lavish seating and enjoy a full experience via culinary treats.

• Night Hawk is a quaint location with a retro-1940s feel. Recessed booths offer privacy while sitting at the bar provides the entertainment of skilled craftsmen behind them. Do not order a drink, describe what you want and allow the professional to provide the solution for solution.

• Are you a lover of natural wines? The display of 150 labels is ever-changing at Wine RVLT. This casual and friendly environment delivers diverse food pairings to accompany the fluid evolution of the wine selection in the growing natural wine movement.

• Would you like to travel the world without leaving your comfortable seat? Native on Amoy Street will guide you through a cocktail journey of Southeast Asia and beyond. Enjoy a spectrum of options from Thailand, The Philippines, Japan, and Korea containing foraged ingredients you never knew let alone that they taste so wonderful.

• While you are on the busy Amoy Street, pop over to Employees Only and into the speakeasy life of New York City during Prohibition. There will be no measured beverages here. The skilled team enjoys demonstrating their unique skills and delicious combinations.

• There is not enough space for crowds at MoboMoga sake bar, but all modern boys and modern girls are welcome. Sake is served by the carafe so you can sample more options. Their whiskey selection will warm your soul as the snacks fill your heart.

• Care for a pint or 23? The Druggists is a tap-laden bar pouring beer selections from microbreweries around the world. They have a cocktail menu and dishes from the kitchen to meet any comfort needs.

• The last call is at Gibson. Get to know Asian ingredients like never before. Bartenders dressed neatly in bowties deliver hand-crafted amalgamations that whisk you away. Nosh on approachable priced elevated bar snacks to bridge the gap to street food on the way home.

Only bars and restaurants with appropriate licensing are allowed to serve until midnight. Everyone else will suspend service at 10;30pm. However, the night markets are a great place to visit for late-night noodles or trinket shopping. Bugis Street Market is the largest market in Singapore and is accessible from the Bugis MRT Station.


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