5 Reasons to See Your Orthodontist in North Vancouver Immediately


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North Vancouver is a district municipality located on the north shore of Burrard Inlet, British Columbia. The city is beautiful, safe, and clean. North Vancouver offers a little bit of everything, including beaches, parks, trails, mountains, etc.

5 Reasons to See Your Orthodontist in North Vancouver Immediately

Dental problems like tooth cavities, gum disease, tooth erosion, chipped, cracked teeth can happen at any age. While you are advised to visit dentists every six months to check oral health, some dental problems need an orthodontist. Here are five reasons to see your orthodontist North Vancouver immediately.

Teeth Straightening

As per recent population data, North Vancouver has a population of 138,833. Crooked teeth impact jaw alignment. Hence, you should visit an orthodontist in your city and start the teeth straightening treatment as early as possible. Dental experts mention braces can be fitted to straighten teeth when a child has lost all primary teeth, and most permanent teeth have grown.

Straightening of teeth also helps in long-term comfort and stability. It can also help eliminate the teeth grinding or clenching habit in children before severe impairment.

Overcrowded Teeth

As per the recent population census, around 7,085 North Vancouver residents are aged between 0 to 14 years. The problem of overcrowded teeth affects little kids and teenagers the most. Overcrowded teeth are a dental condition when permanent teeth do not have enough space to grow straight. If your child has an overcrowded teeth problem, you should visit an orthodontist in North Vancouver to correct the dental problem.

The dental brace is a standard treatment used to fix overcrowded teeth problems in children. Several dental braces are available, like lingual braces, metal braces, and clear braces. The braces are left on teeth for eight months to three years. You need to take the patient to an orthodontist every four to eight weeks until braces are removed.

Bite Issues

As per recent population estimates, around 37,295 residents of North Vancouver are aged 15 to 64 years. Bite issues are typically found in adults due to the early loss of permanent teeth. There are four types of bite issues: crossbite, open bite, underbite, and overbite. Dental experts mention bite issues also affect your facial appearance.

If a person’s front teeth stick out over his lower teeth even with his mouth closed, the dental condition is called an overbite. An under-bite is precisely the opposite. You need to visit an orthodontist to correct it.

An open bite refers to the dental condition when space between rows of teeth is visible even when your mouth is closed. If you have any bite issues, you need to visit an orthodontist for proper treatment.


Many people’s teeth grow with space between them. Gaps can cause tooth decay as food gets stuck in the spaces. It can also cause other dental problems. Also, people who lose one or more molars and don’t get dentures have teeth starting to move out or space out. Hence, you need to visit an orthodontist to get proper treatment.

Temporomandibular Disorders

Temporomandibular disorders refer to disorders of Temporomandibular joints and jaw muscles. The Temporomandibular joint refers to the hinge that connects your temporal bones or your skull and jaws.

If you are experiencing pain in jaw muscles while talking or eating, you need to visit an orthodontist in your city and get proper TMD treatment.

To sum up, these are five reasons to see your orthodontist in North Vancouver immediately.


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