Why So Many Digital Nomads Live in Thailand


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The world has gone digital and a new breed of working professional has emerged; entrepreneurs work remotely and that allows them to live anywhere on the planet. This unprecedented level of freedom and independence means many digital entrepreneurs relocate to a tropical paradise and more choose Thailand than any other destination.
Here are a few reasons why the Land of Smiles is the top digital nomad destination in 2024.

why so many digital nomads live in thailand

Cheap Cost of Living

Whatever your cost of living in your home country, you can halve your outgoings by relocating to sunny Thailand. Accommodation, food and travel is very cheap, while standards are excellent. Like most countries, the longer you spend in Thailand, the cheaper living becomes. Thais earn an average of $1,000 a month and they seem to live well; digital nomads actually manage to save money living in Southeast Asia, while most go home for the summer. Enjoy delicious meals at the top-rated Indian restaurant in Patong Phuket and then head out for some nightlife!

High Speed Internet

Thailand is certainly not a backward nation when it comes to IT; a 4G sim with unlimited web is less than $50 per month. You simply hotspot from your smartphone to your laptop and voila! You can work! The entire country is covered by 3 major ISPs, namely AIS, True and DTAC, all offering cheap and fast deals. Click here to learn more about co-working spaces in Thailand.

Tropical Paradise

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to live right on a tropical beach? A few hours a day will see your work responsibilities sorted, then you can relax and enjoy a millionaire lifestyle. The South of Thailand is more popular than other regions for digital nomads and many stay during the low season, preferring to fly home for the summer.

Healthy Lifestyle

Who wants to live in a concrete jungle? Those that do have little choice, but if you are a freelancer, you can deliver your services online and relocate to Thailand. Enjoy fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast and Thai food is known to be the best in the world. Get some sun and live life at a slower pace, appreciating the finer things of life. Jog on the beach every morning and watch the sun rise over a simmering ocean; you can stay for up to 90 days before you need to leave the country. If you register a foreign business in Thailand, you can obtain a long-term visa; indeed, many nomads have done just that and they enjoy the many benefits that come with owning a business in Thailand.

Thai Culture

The Thai people are warm and friendly, welcoming tourists from all parts of the world; a safe country where the locals are always smiling. This is just one of many reasons why people return to Thailand again and again; more than 30 million tourists visited the Land of Smiles in 2023 and that number looks like it will be surpassed in 2024.

We hope that the above information helps you to set up an awesome schedule for a memorable experience in Thailand.


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