The Sights to See in Manila’s Historic Malate District


Malate is a neighborhood within Manila in the Philippines and today serves as an area for commerce and tourism, yet its rich history dates back centuries. The word ‘malayte’ probably originates from the Tagalog word ‘malat’, which translates to salty. One story goes that two soldiers on leave during Spanish colonial rule had the opportunity to explore this part of Manila, but they could not understand its name. – Two Spanish soldiers later discovered what is now known as the area. A young boy and his sister were on the beach eating their lunch nearby and had forgotten to bring along any drinking water, so the boy decided he would taste the seawater. Just as the Spaniards asked them their question the boy shouted “Maalat, Ate!”, “It’s salty, sister!” and the soldiers mistook that for the place’s name!

Malate is now a bustling district of Manila and is home to many cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues, art galleries and hotels. If you want to experience the posh elegance of old colonial times, treat yourself to a stay in a 5 star hotel in Malate Manila, where you can enjoy the finest hospitality the city has to offer. There is no shortage of things to do in Malate, here are some of the most popular attractions for you to consider:

Malate Church – Also known as Our Lady of Remedies, this is a gorgeous Mexican Baroque-style Catholic church that overlooks the Plaza Rajah Sulayman and Manila Bay. The church is dedicated to Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, the patroness of childbirth. The Statue of the Virgin Mary standing at the altar was carried there from Spain in the year 1624 and is revered by many as being a source of holy healing. The church is a popular venue for weddings, but none may be held on Sunday so that all of the 10 Sunday Masses held in Malate can be attended by the entire community.

Plaza Rajah Sulayman – Named after Rajah Sulayman, the late 16th-century sovereign of the Kingdom of Maynila, a statue of him sculpted by Eduardo Castrillo in 1976 and its fountain form the focal point of this wide public square considered to be the centre of Malate. Bounded by Roxas Boulevard to the west, San Andres Street to the south, and Remedios Street to the north of the plaza that also fronts the famed Malate Church. The plaza is the perfect place to enjoy the spectacular Manila Bay Sunset from.

College of Saint Benilde’s School of Design and Art – This architecturally amazing building is home to the Museum of Contemporary Arts and Design where you can view a wide variety of exhibits showcasing painting, animation, multimedia, and a host of other disciplines. Filipino artists are the focus of frequent temporary exhibitions highlighting the nation’s greatest talents.

For more information on Malate and all the other fantastic places to visit in the Philippines, check out their official tourism website. Malate is a place where old-time history and ultramodern meet and form a synergy that will excite and entice you to explore every inch of this storied district! We look forward to seeing you in Malate, it’s salty, sister!


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