5 Ways to Create a Unique Ambience in your New Zealand Store


If you are looking for ways to brighten up your retail space, you have come to the right place, as we offer a few great ideas to create a unique ambience, both inside and out.

5 ways to create a unique ambience in your new zealand store

1. Custom neon signage – Talk to Icon Signs, a creative signage specialist with a difference. They can create something special that blends well with your concept and by paying attention to detail, you will be a very happy customer when the signage is illuminated. Shopfront signage is working night and day, helping your brand become known in the local community.

2. LED strips – You’ve probably seen the LED strips that can be placed around frames or even signs that you want shoppers to notice. Every colour is available and LED is low-energy illumination that generates a warm and inviting vibe.

3. Window dressing – Some retailers mistakenly think that how you dress a window isn’t so important these days, yet the truth is, a well-adorned window dressing catches the eye of passers-by. Google can show you some prime examples of how to dress a store window and this is perhaps the most valuable piece of advertising real estate for a retailer.

4. Background music – It won’t cost much to place a few Bluetooth speakers around your store; create instrumental playlists and keep the volume at just the right level. People subconsciously want to remain in spaces where soft music is playing. Of course, you can turn it off whenever you feel like it.

5. Video loop – Find a suitable space for a flat-screen TV and play a short compilation of product demos or anything related to the products you sell. You could get creative and hire a videographer to put together some amazing footage. If you have space on the wall behind checkout, this could be an ideal place to install a monitor; or anywhere you feel might be right.

The Internet is full of very useful resources for those who are looking for in-store design ideas and Google is definitely your best friend. When you find something you like, save the image and show it to a leading NZ signage contractor and they can work their magic and transform your store’s ambience.


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