Pros & Cons of Teeth Whitening: All About Tooth Bleaching


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There’s nothing that hurts your confidence more than the feeling that you can’t smile. There are a lot of things that can make you embarrassed about your appearance, but having stained or yellow teeth is one of the most common.

The good news is that you can do something about discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening treatments can give you the pearly smile you long for.

Interested in learning more about the benefits and drawbacks of whitening? Here are the details you need.

Benefit: You’ll Have a Bright, Beautiful Smile

Benefit: You’ll Have a Bright, Beautiful Smile

The biggest benefit of getting teeth bleaching is that you’ll love your smile! Removing the stains and colour from your teeth will help you smile more often than you ever have.

There are so many benefits to smiling. It reduces your blood pressure, reduces the pain you feel, and helps you manage stress. People who smile often are considered more likeable and competent.

If you want to do well at work and enjoy great friendships, smile more — which means you’ll want to improves your appearance with cosmetic dentistry Guelph and of course, whiten your teeth!

Benefit: Whitening is Relatively Inexpensive

While you can do some whitening procedures at home, if you want the best results you should get professional teeth whitening in London. The good news is that professional services are relatively inexpensive!

You’ll be finished in about an hour, and you’ll feel great. Both your wallet and your teeth will thank you!

Benefit: It Can Last Up to a Year

Benefit: It Can Last Up to a Year

While teeth whitening isn’t permanent, it can last a long time. The truth is that most of us have habits that discolour our teeth, including drinking coffee, not cleaning teeth often enough, and damaging our enamel in other ways.

You’ll need to have teeth bleaching done periodically, but you’ll keep your beautiful new smile for several months to a year each time.

Drawback: Teeth Sensitivity May Happen

Teeth sensitivity is a common side effect of whitening. The good news is that technology has made that much less likely. Instead of a process that uses a lot of heat, today’s dentists are using LED lights.

The reduction in heat means much less sensitivity. However, you may still experience some reaction to hot and cold for a few days after the procedure.

Drawback: Fillings May Impact Whitening

If you have fillings in your front teeth, the effect of a whitening procedure may be uneven. The fillings won’t whiten, so you’ll have some darker areas when you bleach your teeth.

It’s possible to have fillings replaced to get an even whitening effect. If your fillings aren’t on your front teeth, you don’t have to worry — they won’t impact your smile.

Get Your Beautiful Smile Today

Get Your Beautiful Smile Today

Having pearly white teeth will give you the confidence to smile and benefit you in many areas of life. You’ll feel great, your relationships will flourish, and you’ll even do better at work.

Having a beautiful smile is easy and affordable with teeth whitening. The procedure isn’t perfect, but it has more benefits than drawbacks. Take advantage of the opportunity to smile today.


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