7 Ways To Make Your Next Vacation Awesome on a Budget


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Budget vacations don’t necessarily sound like a lot of fun and adventure, but they can be with the right approach. Here are seven ways to turn your next trip into a great one without spending a fortune.

7 Ways To Make Your Next Vacation Awesome on a Budget

1. Choose a New Destination

Going to the same place every year has its advantages. For example, you know exactly where everything is, and you’ve probably developed a few favorite restaurants and attractions. However, that much repetition doesn’t make for a truly memorable experience. After all, the individual trips will eventually blur into one big vacation memory.

Avoid that by choosing someplace new to visit this year. Avoid tourist traps that will likely overcharge you for everything from food to activities to souvenirs. Instead, look for off-the-beaten-path locations with lots of fun places to explore. You can also consider Egypt vacation packages for your vacation.

2. Stay Well Rested

Staying rested is critical to having a good time. After all, if everyone in your group has been going all out every day without enough sleep, they are bound to get a little cranky — and that is definitely not a recipe for a fun and low-stress trip.

Unfortunately, many people have trouble sleeping when away from home. If that sounds familiar, try using a few travel sleep tips to ensure you get enough rest.

3. Find Free Things To Do

Most places have lots of free things to do. Look for places like local history museums, outdoor art exhibits, and parks. If you are having trouble filling the time, you may need to get creative. For example, try downloading a city scavenger hunt template and send everyone out looking for the times. Thinking like a local can also help find things like library story times or a low-key concert at a nearby restaurant.

4. Take a Guided Tour

A guided tour, especially a private one, will eat into your budget a bit. However, taking one early in a vacation to a new destination will give you plenty of ideas for other things to do while in the area. Plus, it’s a great way to learn more about the place, its history, and what makes it unique.

Scour brochure racks in the hotel lobby or visit the local tourism center for recommendations and ideas. You can often find themed tours that cater to special interests, such as food or paranormal activity.

5. Eat Like a Local

Eating at chain restaurants is often a safe bet since you know precisely what you’ll get no matter where you are. However, sticking to what’s familiar can mean missing out on local specialties. So, eat at smaller, local restaurants when you are somewhere new. Grab a cup of coffee and pastry at the local bakery or sit down at a craft brewery for lunch and a couple of drinks. If you are doing any of your own cooking — a great way to keep vacation meals within budget — stop by community farm markets for fresh ingredients.

6. Leave Time for Unplanned Activities

In the rush to see as much as possible, you may overschedule your group or find something really cool that you can’t fit in. That’s why leaving some of your time unscheduled is a good idea. If you don’t find an activity you want to do or a place everyone wants to visit, it can always turn into a quiet afternoon of downtime to sit by the pool, take a walk , or curl up with a book.

7. Pack for the Weather

One final tip to help ensure your whole group stays comfortable is to pack for the weather at your destination. Depending on how far from home you venture, there can be a substantial difference in temperatures or weather patterns. In addition to being comfortable, you’ll save money by not having to pick up souvenir sweatshirts along the way.

Budget vacations can be incredible if you choose to make them that way. Plan ahead for weather and activities, avoid overscheduling yourself, and be sure to get a good night’s rest while you are away to maximize the fun.


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