Islands You Can Still Visit in Hurricane Season


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There are too many Islands in the world and making Island visit is very common for tourist owing to the beauty of beaches and landscapes of these Islands. Islands especially in Greece are admired by the people to great extent owing to their number count and beauty too. Even name of the 25th Island of Greece is popular because of name of the, among us game which resemble with the name of the Island. But, how to go to these Islands when they are in the risk of hurricane in such season. Well here is a list of Islands that are totally safe to visit even in season of Hurricanes. So islands lovers can go to these islands for spending their vacations safely.

Islands You Can Still Visit in Hurricane Season

Is there any Islands which is safe for hurricane season?

There are too many islands which are safe for visit in hurricane season too. For example most of such islands belong to the carrieban islands group. So if you are planning to go on vacation to Island trip then make sure to pick any of the following Island in hurricane season to enjoy your vacation. You will not experience any issue related to hurricane in these Islands.

List of safest Islands in Hurricane

Have a look on the list of Islands where you can spend your holidays in hurricane season without worrying about anything regarding the weather.

1. Aruba

This is a Caribbean Island which is situated towards the southward of Carrieban Sea. The island is full of landscapes and beaches. It is one of the most visited island for its beauty of landscapes and beaches during hurricane season. The place is completely safe to visit in the time of hurricane when people afraid to go to Islands because of the fear of Hurricanes.

2. Saint Vincent

The next Island which is free for visiting in hurricane episodes is Saint Vincent which is again a Caribbean Island. It is made up of volcanic eruption and that is why termed as volcanic Island too. The island is having its one part in the water and other is above the water. You are going to feel totally safe in hurricane season on this Island.

3. Trinidad

Again this is the third island is Carrieban sea which is considered safest when it comes to hurricane. The Island falls under the government jurisdiction of Trinidad country. It is one of the biggest island that we can see in the Carrieban Sea and people love to explore the place owing to beautiful sunrise and sunset here.

4. Grenada

This occupies a very auspicious location between Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea and Grenada is not just an Island but we can also term it as Island nation too. This is a totally safe island when it comes to hurricane season. Apart from it one can enjoy and explore both Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea by going to Grenada Island. The mesmerizing and serene beauty of the island is main attraction of people for their visit to the place.

5. Curacao

The main feature of this Curacao Island is that it is having a geography that resembles to the hills. You will see no fear of hurricanes in the season to visit the Island. This is one of the best Island which is clean and serene to go for spending a good time of your vacation with family. The Island is full of colours and beautiful beaches which makes it the perfect choice of visitors.

6. Bonaire

The last island which is free of the risk of hurricane in the season of hurricanes is Bonaire which is again in Caribbean Sea. The Island falls under the country Netherlands and you can take deep dives in this Island as it has very clean beaches which are dive friendly.


So these are the major Islands which you can explore easily when it comes to hurricane season. Those who want to plan a trip to Island in hurricane season can choose to these Islands for their safer trip. Going to other islands which are prone to the risk of hurricane is blunder in such scenario. It is very important to research about the Islands before you plan your trip for the same to understand the topography of that particular Island.


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