Tips to Get Better Sleep Every Night Based On Scientific Facts


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There are several benefits of getting good sleep. Deep sleep improves productivity at the workplace and makes you less prone to health disorders such as insomnia, diabetes, heart failure, obesity, etc.

Tips to Get Better Sleep Every Night Based On Scientific Facts

It boosts the immune system strong and saves the heart from hypertension. To get good sleep it is advised to implement healthy sleep hygiene and a healthy lifestyle daily. In this article, we will share a few important scientifically proven tips to improve your sleep.

Identify your sleep needs

Every person needs a different amount of sleep. It depends on their lifestyle, age, biological factors, etc. You may need to experiment to arrive at the right duration of sleep. Start with 7 hours of sleep and look at how your body feels. If you feel sleep-deprived, then you may need to add a few more minutes to your sleep schedule.

Make and follow a proper sleep plan

Another important thing that could help you get good sleep is to develop a healthy sleep routine. Fix a waketime and bedtime that gives you appropriate sleep time.

Follow your sleep plan consistently to see positive results in your overall health. You will notice that by doing this, not just your sleep quality will improve but also you will achieve a healthy body weight.

Incorporate a Relaxing Routine

In your sleep plan, you should include a pre-sleep routine. This routine is of half an hour duration wherein you train your mind and body to get into the sleep mode.

During this time, you could brush your teeth, listen to relaxing music, stretch your body, read inspirational stories, and chants, or meditate. All these activities will destress and calm your mind and help you sleep quickly.

Get a good mattress

The selection of the mattress is also critical to getting good sleep. The mattress has to be the one that offers you the best level of comfort during sleep. It should relieve pain from the varying pressure points and offer uniform alignment to the body.

Nowadays, you can get mattresses in various materials and technologies such as temperature regulating properties, cooling properties, along with other accessories like adjustable beds, etc.

Based on your sleep requirement, you can choose the best mattress for you after reading different mattress reviews.

Reduce Distractions

Several things could distract you from getting a sound sleep. Fix environmental factors, diffuse background noise, and prevent light in the room. All this will help you sleep better.

Many people use sound conditioners, white noise machines, headphones, earplugs, fans, and apps to prevent noise from entering the years. To get rid of light, you can wear eye masks and use heavy curtains that block light from entering the room.

Dimming the lights for one or two hours before bedtime is seen to promote sleep. Choosing dim lamps and turning off bright halogen bulbs or fluorescent bulbs in the bedroom will improve sleep.

Keep your positive

Go to bed with a positive mindset. You should be in a good mood and think and feel good. It will help you sleep better and also prevent any chances of bad dreams and nightmares.

Avoid watching movies or serials that develop fear, anger, threat, and any other bad emotion within you. Healthily end your day with your family members so that not just you but they too get a good sleep and enjoy good health.

Switch off gadgets early

Another important technique that you can implement is to switch off blue-light emitting devices a few hours before sleep. These devices include television, mobile phones, iPADs, etc. that suppresses sleep-inducing melatonin in the body.


Peaceful sleep is a necessity for every person. It impacts the health and wellness of a person. Besides healthy sleep habits, you also need to ensure that the mattress you are sleeping on is offering you comfort and relaxation. Following the above tips diligently will help you get sound sleep every day.


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