6 Reasons Why Roller Blinds Better than Curtains


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The days when curtains were your sole option for window treatments have long since passed. Today, going shopping for window coverings can feel absolutely overwhelming – that is how many options exist.

In fact, you even have options within options. Window blinds come in all shapes and sizes. Shutters are made for indoor use, outdoor use, multi-purpose use. And curtains – sometimes it can even seem like there are curtains for your curtains!

6 Reasons Why Roller Blinds Better than Curtains

But essentially, you have just three main options for interior window dressings: shutters, blinds or curtains. In this post, learn six key reasons why roller blinds ipswich are a better choice than traditional curtains for the windows in your space.

1. Roller blinds are easier to keep clean than curtains

If you have ever struggled to dust or spot-clean your window curtains, you already understand the appeal of cleaning just a simple sheet of fabric over having to dust and clean yards and yards and yards of cumbersome material.

Instead of having to remove the whole set of curtains, recruit an assistant and take the whole set outside to shake off the dust – or worse, bring them to the dry cleaners for a professional cleaning – with roller blinds all you have to do is to periodically wet a cloth and run it lightly over the fabric to remove dust and debris.

2. Roller blinds are easier to install than curtains

Roller blinds require minimal hardware and know-how to install and remove. And they are equally as easy to remove when and if that time comes. Curtains, on the other hand, typically require several accessories for installation. This is especially the case for more formal curtains.

As well, unlike bulkier curtains, roller blinds are more lightweight and can easily be installed by a single person. In contrast, curtains tend to require at least a two-person team for installation, which for some homeowners may require purchasing professional installation services as well as the buying curtains themselves.

3. Roller blinds are more affordable to install than curtains

Roller blinds are surprisingly affordable to purchase and install. This stems from the fact that they are less expensive to manufacture and distribute and quite a bit cheaper to ship.

When there is less overhead involved in crafting your window treatment, you can nearly always expect to pay less for the final product.

4. Roller blinds are easier to operate than curtains

Many shoppers don’t know that today’s roller blinds can be motorized! Even better, the motorized blinds can be equipped to operate with the aid of small solar panels so they don’t run up your energy bill.

Imagine opening and closing your roller blinds all around the house with a single click of a button – for free. Compare this to having to yank open your curtains and then yanked them closed, struggling with strings and untangling cords and trouble-shooting when the curtain runners jam or just don’t work properly.

5. Roller blinds give you more control over indoor light than curtains

Roller blinds allow you to block all light, let a little light in or let a lot of light in. You can raise or lower them by remote control or hand and control light levels throughout the day easily.

With curtains, it is harder to achieve this since they are open all the light comes streaming in and when they are closed all the light is blocked out.

For homeowners who desire both options, an ideal solution is to pair roller blinds with traditional curtains. This allows customized light for daytime use and light-blocking at night.

6. Roller blinds are more durable and longer-lasting than curtains

While they look like organic fabric, most roller blinds are made of synthetic material that is manufactured to hold up under even the roughest use conditions.

Even better, today’s modern roller blinds are treated for resistance to stains and dust and weatherproofed so they are long-lasting and fade-resistant.

For homeowners who have watched their expensive curtains weather and fade from one season to the next, it can be reassuring to know your roller blinds will last longer and look just as good for years to come.


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