How Gomed (Hessonite) To Be Worn?


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From the astrological perspective, hessonite is a strong gemstone that can reduce the malefic impact of the shadow planet Rahu or Dragon’s Head. It is a light to dark brown gemstone also known as Gomed in Indian astrology.


As per Vedic beliefs, Rahu can influence the success and happiness of a person. It can lead to instability and depression of mind by spreading negative energies. But, Gomed stone negates these influences by enhancing the positive energy of the planet Rahu.

Astrological Effects of Hessonite

A malefic Rahu brings failure and obstacles in life. Gomed gemstone helps to reduce these malefic effects to ensure success and fortunes. It offers many other astrological benefits as well. They include:

  • Gomed helps to bring calmness to the mind by relieving anxiety and depression. It clears the confusions and negativity residing inside your mind. Also, this stone gets rid of emotional burdens that create indecisions and inability to think clearly.
  • By increasing focus and concentration, it leads a person to the right direction for accomplishing their goals.
  • Hessonite is considered to be an excellent stone for improving social and financial standing through professional progress. It is highly recommended for people in the field of research and development. This stone is related to root chakra that invokes materialistic desires. As a result, it helps to create big goals in life and also make right strategies to accomplish these goals.
  • The healing benefits of this stone include its ability to cure allergies, eye infections, sinus, epilepsy, heart palpitation, cancer, intestinal issues, fatigue, and irregular blood pressure.
  • Gomed also brings marital bless to the life. It increases harmony, love, and companionship among married couples. If there is a rift in your relationship, you can wear Gomed stone to bring happiness and soothe emotional agitation. It helps to make a fresh start even in estranged relationships.
  • People in the fields that require excellent communication can gain success by wearing hessonite stones. It improves the public speaking abilities to impress the audiences. By eliminating the fear of failure, it allows you to represent your views with more confidence and conviction.
  • Gomed also protects its wearer from evils and black magic. It keeps its wear safe from enemies and helps to conquer severe competition. This stone wards off negative thoughts and works as a powerful talisman.
  • Also, this stone brings righteous living, salvation, and meditation to uplift your spiritual well-being. At every level of your existence, this stone helps to bring harmony of spirit and find the right path to spirituality even if you are shrouded by materialistic desires.

How to Wear Gomed or Hessonite?

You can wear Gomed or hessonite in form of a ring or pendant made from sterling silver. This stone is recommended strongly for people engaged in the fields of media and entertainment. Those who love music, cinema, publishing, dance, or any other form of art can wear this gemstone to improve their creative instincts and gain success.

Also, businesses like transport, chemicals, groceries, printing, and any type of show business can get to the desired level of success if you wear hessonite according to a proper procedure.

Here are a Few Things to Remember for Wearing Gomed

Choose the Right Stone

For desired results of wearing any gemstone, you should start by making the right choices. Buy Gomed stone that carries inherent cosmic energies and astrological powers. Do not wear a synthetic or lab-treated gemstone if you seek astrological benefits. Check the color of the gemstone clearly before buying. In the case of hessonite, buy a stone in rich golden brown color that looks similar to honey or cow’s urine.

Clarity of the gemstone is another important factor especially for stones like hessonites. They have a large number of inclusions in their original form. You should prefer buying a stone that’s eye clean with no visible flaws.

Choose a faceted stone that reflects light in a perfect way without hindering the transparency of the stone. Most importantly, check the origin of hessonite before buying it. Ceylonese hessonites are the most coveted variety due to their true color and transparency.

Also, choose the right carat weight to capitalize on the astrological effects of a stone. Hessonite is ideal in 3-6 carats but it’s better to ask an expert astrologer to recommend the right carat weight based on your horoscope. Pay the right Gomed stone price by choosing the right seller.

What is the Right Metal and Finger to Wear Hessonite?

For the best Gomed benefits, wear this gemstone in the middle finger of your right hand. This gemstone should be best worn in sterling silver metal. Although gold is strongly recommended for most of the gemstone, it is not compatible with hessonite or Gomed. If you want to gain maximum benefits of wearing this gemstone, choose the right metal only.

What is the Best Time to Wear Gomed?

Another important factor for wearing astrological gemstones is the time of wearing. The best day and time for hessonite is Saturday evening of Krishna Paksha or descending moon.

What is the Right Procedure to Wear Gomed?

Every gemstone has some Vedic rituals to follow before wearing them. It is best to consult an astrologer to ask about these rituals. You can also seek the services of an astrologer to perform the procedure for cleansing and conditioning the stone before wearing.

Remember, this is important to ensure that the gemstone is suitable for you and it won’t cast any negative influences on your life. The right procedure of wearing gomed is:

  • Buy a Gomed stone that weighs 1/12 of your total body weight. For example, a person who weighs 60 kgs should buy a stone weighing 5 carats for astrological purposes.
  • Set the stone in a ring or pendant where Gomed touches your skin at all times.
  • For cleaning the gemstone, dip your ring in a mixture of raw cow’s milk, clarified butter, Indian basil leaves, honey, and Ganga Jal.
  • Leave the ring in the bowl containing this mixture for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, take the ring out of the bowl and clean with fresh water.
  • Recite the right mantra for 108 times to energize the stone.

Follow these procedures and steps to buy Gomed stone and wear it correctly to gain astrological benefits that can change your luck.


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