Men’s Fashion and the Minimalist Shuffle


Have you ever asked for the location of the men’s department to find it located by a fire exit, elevator, or restrooms? Things are changing. The men’s fashion market has been performing “up and to the right” for decades. The value of the market is projected to reach nearly $1 Trillion by 2032.

mens fashion and the minimalist shuffle

Guys, the best gifts are always wrapped and have a ribbon on top. Thoughtfulness is when you do something for the needs of others. Could you take a few minutes to become gifted in packaging yourself? Here is a quick list for a versatile and layered wardrobe that won’t blowout your budget;

Solid colour T-shirts are men’s staple drawer fillers. Be sure you have white, black, and grey as basic options. They should have an intact collar. If you add layers or wear a jacket, observant eyes will fall on your neckline. Keep it crisp. Add to the palette that suits your style.

  • A classic men’s shirt is our variation of business shirts. Butterfly collars, wingtip, tab, hidden button, or spread collars can accent your style from casual to formal. Under a sports coat, cardigan, or on its own, business shirts provide possibilities.
  • The 1940s brought the 3-button knit polo to men’s fashion toolbox. Recycled in the 1990s as the preppy look, polo shirts are designed to fit our shape well. Polos can also be worn separately, over a T, or under a sweater.
  • Initially, I felt the hoodie should be considered a layer but hoodies stand alone in their category. Although it is all casual.

If you start with the above options, you can tailor your motif to fit various styles with some layers. Ready?

  • Jackets of all types; nylon track, denim, or leather jackets can adjust your look as your day/night develops. You can lend it to someone cold.
  • Trench or overcoats offer other genres of style and comfort. They can be cumbersome once inside a venue.
  • Never underestimate the usefulness of sport-coats. Classic, casual, or informal; they seem to fit many occasions. Buy a couple that fit you.

On your feet! You need three options, that’s it. Later you can get variations of these three but plant your feet on these;

  • Chelsea boots for a practical, versatile, and stylish look. They are easy on and off, as well as, comfortable.
  • Of course, you have to have some all or mostly white trainers. An athleisure fashion necessity they are also versatile, stable, and comfortable.
  • Technically Chelsea boots are also loafers, but loafers have been around since the 1800s. Wear contrasting colours of loafers and pants. Pair light pants and dark loafers, or the opposite.

The ribbon on the gift is accent. A cap, bracelet, statement watch, loosely hung tie, scarf, or sunglasses can all add or detract from your style. Less is more. Do not tag yourself like a race car and Google colour combinations in an app until you have broadened your understanding of fashion.

Four shirt types, three jacket types, three shoe options, and some accents for a well-rounded fashion kit. Women would be wrapped.


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