6 Biggest Public Health Issues of Our Era


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Health issues have always been a source of concern and worry for every generation. Healthcare institutions and facilities worldwide are continuously working and researching to identify the growing health issues in our world. Given the rapid advancement in almost every sector, emerging new diseases and illnesses are on the rise. People have become susceptible to environmental degradation and water-borne issues, all of which are caused by large industries. However, a fair share of responsibility lies on the shoulders of policymakers that are negligent in preventing such health issues. The world needs a united strategy to bar the industrialists from polluting the environment through their activities. Most healthcare issues arise from industries manufacturing unhealthy products, dumping waste in our rivers, or emitting deadly gases into the air.

6 Biggest Public Health Issues of Our Era

Similarly, now even with the advancing medical technology, we are still struggling to combat some stubborn diseases.

Therefore, today we’ll discuss some of the most worrying public health issues of our era.

1. Malnutrition

We live in a world where proper nutrition is fast taking a back seat in our list of priorities. Look around, and you will spot numerous malnourished kids and adults. Sometimes in the race to lose weight, and other times, at the hands of poverty, our generation faces the cruelty of malnutrition. It is especially evident in kids who need abundant nutrients for proper growth. Yet, they get deprived of this fundamental right.

Malnutrition is a rapidly increasing issue in underdeveloped and developing countries so they must increase the use of amazon glutathione. Many healthcare policymakers are hesitant to eliminate the problem of malnutrition worldwide and are partnering with welfare organizations. However, there is, unfortunately, a long road ahead to achieve this mission. Public healthcare still requires more competent workers to devise a successful strategy as there are many roadblocks to mitigating malnutrition. A rational approach would be encouraging existing and aspiring public healthcare professionals to expand their knowledge base further. Besides, given the plethora of e-learning options in our era, striving for higher education is quite convenient. Healthcare professionals can seek degrees like masters in public health online and learn about public health issues and strategies to mitigate them. The quest to end malnutrition requires determining underlying challenges preventing it from ending and devising stringent policies to deal with newer barriers.

2. Cardiac problems

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the most alarming issues of this generation. From the unhealthy diet to sedimentary lifestyle, our population is at every risk of developing heart problems. A big reason behind this rising issue is our changing lifestyles. As opposed to older generations, we prefer to do jobs that don’t require much physical work. Similarly, we consume a diet that contains harmful cholesterol leading to atherosclerosis and other deadly conditions. And though there are many ways we can prevent such problems, the best way is to exercise daily.

Exercising keeps your body healthy and promotes blood circulation while avoiding clots. By doing so, it helps you prevent not only cardiac but also many other metabolic diseases. Therefore, if you, unfortunately, have a family history of CVDs or want to improve your lifestyle, consider exercising daily.

3. Diabetes

The prevalence of diabetes is increasing each day. Unfortunately, because of unhealthy eating habits and refined foods, more and more people are getting diabetes. It is a chronic metabolic disease that leads to high blood sugar levels. As a result, it decreases immunity and leaves the patient at risk of many deadly diseases. Although it has a genetic factor, anyone can develop it if they’re not conscious.

Therefore, just because you don’t have a family history doesn’t mean you cannot get diabetic in your life. Ensure to control your sugar intake or try using a substitute to succumb to your cravings. And if you have this disorder, you should focus on your medicines while maintaining a healthy and fit routine.

4. Infectious diseases

With the increasing knowledge about hygiene and disinfection, one would think that infections will soon decrease. But even with such strict measures, we cannot eradicate these diseases. Infections like HIV, Hepatitis, influenza, and now the most stubborn Covid-19 somehow find their way into our bodies. Sometimes these mishaps happen because of used syringes, unhygienic habits, and other sources. But they can transmit through physical contact as well.

That is why we must be cautious in our routine work to avoid catching any disease accidentally. Not only that, we have to get our vaccinations and adopt necessary preventive measures to stay ahead of harmful viruses.

5. Mental health

Even though we don’t discuss mental health as we address physical issues, it is sometimes the root cause of many illnesses. When you are a victim of stress, your body works harder to cope with your feelings. And since it has to overwork, it can easily give up, causing your physical health to spiral down.

That is why you must ensure to check yourself now and then. Look for signs like spending a lot of time on distractions like social media or if you’re not able to talk the way you usually do. Make sure to spare some time for yourself and monitor the changes you observe. When you think your mental health is declining, know that it is okay to ask for help. If you consult a professional and improve your health, you will see positive results in no time.

6. Oral diseases

As discussed, our generation consumes a diet that consists of refined sugars and other unhealthy ingredients. And out of many side effects of these foods, one is oral diseases. Oral health has its importance when it comes to the physical health of a person. Our mouth is the opening gateway to our body, so your overall health suffers when you don’t take care of your oral hygiene.

The best way to bar or eliminate these problems is by maintaining impeccable oral hygiene practices. For example, scrubbing your teeth twice a day with regular mouthwash and floss is enough to dodge problematic oral conditions. Along with these habits, it is also crucial that you prefer healthier food options and avoid unnecessary sugar and tobacco intake.


As the world continues to change, we also see an alarming rise in health issues. Above, we discussed some common health issues seen in this generation. From deadly cardiovascular conditions to oral disorders, our people are suffering from many health problems. We have discussed some ways you can avoid these conditions. However, policymakers have to develop more effective measures and mitigate growing health concerns and their root causes.


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