What is Strategic Sourcing Software?


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Sourcing software, also known as strategic Sourcing software, e-Sourcing or e-Sourcing software, belongs to the e-Sourcing category. However, unlike e-recruitment software, it does not help you manage the entire recruitment process. Instead, it focuses on the identification & selection of suppliers. It does this by facilitating collaboration, managing documents such as RFPs, and providing a platform for comparison.

What is Strategic Sourcing Software

What are the Common Features of Sourcing Software?

One of the most critical matters to search for in a sourcing software program is whether or now not it supports real-time abilities. The pleasant choices are made when you operate the maximum up-to-date records. If you’re comparing sourcing software programs for your commercial enterprise, make certain the vendors you technique have functions that aid real-time updates.

Centralized Portal

Collaboration is key to any sourcing venture. Poor collaboration can be the source (get it?) of quite a few aches at some stage in the method. Because a variety of human beings will be tormented by your supplier selection, it’s desirable to keep human beings within the recognition from the get pass. Sourcing software programs may be used to hold a high level of collaboration all through the whole sourcing procedure. With a centralized portal, all of us who need/desire to view bids, rates and proposals can achieve this. This enables put together each person for conferences in which supplier options are discussed. In fact, it allows shortening those conferences (thank god) because everybody receives the same facts at the same time ahead. Several sourcing software program vendors provide an integrated communication system with the portal as properly.

This makes collaboration even less complicated, by allowing absolutely everyone to talk about the suppliers as their records are available in. In addition, all the communication made within the system is saved (like with any communication system) so you can go back and examine what others had to mention.

But the exceptional part of a conversation gadget might be that it reduces the want for conferences, when you consider that maximum of the discussions can manifest at once on your sourcing software program.

eRFx Management

It is able to appear more like a pharmaceutical acronym than a sourcing one, but erfx is incredibly vital to the system. It stands for digital request for “x,” and encompasses rfbs, rfqs and rfps (“x” relates to the b, q or p). This option organizes and shops your rfbs, rfqs and rfps. An excellent sourcing software program helps you deal with the system from beginning to give up, from writing it up to sending it out. Whether it’s a brief one-pager or an extended, complex report, it has to basically be able to create the erfx by means of itself. You could begin any sourcing assignment with an erfx control feature.

Document Management

After sending out an erfx, get prepared to be inundated by way of bids, quotes and/or proposals. You need a way to maintain all of these orders and organize them so that you don’t lose something. Input report management. As quickly as you receive a document from a provider, your sourcing software collects it and shops it with all your other documents.

Way to document control features, all your bids, proposals and prices are mechanically collected in the gadget in actual time. This eliminates the possibility of misplacing a report. In the end, as good fortune normally has it, on every occasion you misplace a record it typically belongs to the supplier with the most promise. While it’s controlled in your sourcing software, but, you simply ought to scroll right down to locate it.

Side-by-Side Comparison Tool

Once you get hold of all of your potential suppliers’ bids, quotes and recommendations, it’s time to start comparing them. Usually, in view that proposals, quotes and bids are available in specific formats from one-of-a-kind suppliers, it’s difficult to make a direct evaluation.

However strategic sourcing solutions makes it smooth. The high-quality sourcing software program vendors compile these providers’ records and help you to examine them aspect-by-way-of-aspect.

This is a lot easier than looking to decipher the variations in codecs, and lots less time-eating than making your personal comparison desk. With the inclusion of an aspect-via-facet assessment device, the entire sourcing system may be completed in your sourcing software.


Maximum structures need to include integration skills, and sourcing software is not specific. Despite the fact that you’ll possibly need to combine it with some of the same old suspects, including erp and bi, there are different systems with which integration is just as useful. E-sourcing forum recommends that one of the sourcing software integrations you put in place have to be contract management.

The correct e-sourcing tool interacts well with other important elements of the process, like your contract management device. The sourcing technique ought to routinely flow into agreement advent, and past contracts need to be enormously visible to provide perception at the same time as new bids are being amassed.


The closing of the not unusual sourcing functions we’re highlighting is reporting. A commonplace characteristic amongst all software these days, reporting is how you discover your insights. Whether you’re locating assessing your roi or comparing suppliers, reporting can provide the insights that tip the size in wanting of choosing a specific supplier.

The one thing you need to make certain of is that your sourcing software program can pull in real-time facts. This is crucial while you’re evaluating providers. In case you don’t have up to date facts, you will be missing a few important information that could make or destroy a dealer selection.


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