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The successful launch of a new e-commerce business on Shopify is a remarkable accomplishment. However, even with top-notch merchandise, your sales would fail.
If that’s the case, you might want to take a look at your organic traffic. It’s conceivable that not many people visit your website.

After all, if you have fewer consumers, you’ll make less money.

Small businesses utilising Shopify that wish to compete with the most successful online retailers must put forth a lot of effort to draw visitors to their website.

Even if the low baseline conversion rate continues, as you attract more people, your sales will definitely increase along with the traffic. As a result, you will make more sales the more traffic you receive.

There will be more than 12 million internet retailers by 2021. Driving visitors to your website will get more difficult as a result of that number continuing to rise. Shopify is one of the factors contributing to the rise in online stores. The platform makes it easy and painless to set up an online business.

Where do visitors really come from?

Knowing the response will assist in deciding which marketing channels would best target prospective clients. For instance, this study of 60,000 Shopify merchants discovered that organic, direct, Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Pinterest marketing were the top six traffic sources.

What these top Shopify traffic sources indicate:

Customer visits to shops are natural since they were found on Google

Direct: For a direct visit, customers put a store’s URL into their browser.

Facebook ads: click-through traffic from Facebook advertising campaigns

Visits from Google ads: sponsored Google ad campaigns

Amount of visitors coming from Pinterest adverts

These forms of traffic should be promoted and turned into sales on Shopify:

Direct traffic: approaches to encourage brand loyalty and direct interaction are included in these efforts. Driving organic traffic requires SEO optimization, media relations, and the production of high-quality blog material.

Sponsored traffic from social media: this one is generated by social media advertisements (on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest), therefore strategies include paid campaigns.

How to Increase the Traffic to Your Shopify Website

Getting your website in front of prospective consumers is the key to driving them to your Shopify shop. Your ecommerce clickthrough rate will increase the more visibility your website receives, whether it is via social media platforms or search engines.

1. Write SEO-friendly Blogs

Utilizing blog content to market your Shopify store may boost organic traffic. This strategy is crucial for a) improving search engine rankings on Google and b) building a strong reputation by offering clients illuminating advice. As a result, many Shopify stores have blogs. Its blog is fantastic since it provides parenting advice and arranges the data to make it simple to find that guidance.

2. Increase Traffic from Search Engines to Your Shopify Store

Before discovering your brand or store, prospective buyers would probably conduct some research on their preferred search engines. With Google AdWords, you can put your website right in front of the eyes of those doing searches, making it a popular and efficient approach to reach your targeted audience. However, search engine optimization may help you reach your target audience without spending a dollar if you’re not interested in pay-per-click advertising.

Making your online store more discoverable to search engines is done via a method called search engine optimization (SEO). A great way to utilize all these strategies adequately is to hire a shopify agency with experts to help you make the most of all these tips. The search phrases that people enter into search engines are known as keywords, and they will be what you employ to optimize your website for search engines.

3. Put Social Media Marketing to use

Using social media to market your items is a great method to increase brand awareness and direct, organic Shopify traffic. The greatest approach is to demonstrate how your items may benefit clients and provide them with use suggestions.

To drive traffic to a Shopify shop, you may share articles that include the following material: product promos, product videos, brand and product news and updates, and branding-related content.

In social media marketing, communicating with clients is very important.

To do this, respond to their comments, follow them, and like the images they post featuring your brand or goods. A proactive engagement demonstrates your dedication to being accessible and helpful. Start a social media giveaway or contest. Encourage people to participate by joining up on your website, like, and following your social media accounts. It’s an effective technique to grow a loyal following, provide leads, and increase traffic to Shopify merchants.

4. Utilize Content Marketing to Attract Customers

Any additional material on your website will aid in drawing people to your Shopify store, just as your product descriptions would.

You don’t have to offer a lot of in-depth information either. The solution is a little paragraph at the bottom of each category page. This strategy is used by online retailers everywhere to increase organic traffic to their businesses, and you could simply use it.

5. Utilize shoppable Pinterest pins

Like Instagram, Pinterest now includes shoppable posts, and it is becoming another reliable source of traffic for Shopify merchants. There are several marketing options given that 80% of weekly Pinterest users claim to have discovered a brand or product there.

A significant benefit of Pinterest is that it serves as a source of inspiration for users. Since most searches on the network are unbranded, unlike those on Instagram and Facebook, it’s a terrific approach to present things naturally.

6. Post Guest Articles on Websites in Your Niche

The fact that search engines reward websites with a strong backlink profile is another crucial component of your SEO ecommerce marketing approach that many shop owners overlook. As a consequence, the websites that appear first in the search engine results pages probably have many links pointing to them. The better, the more websites linking to yours. Your domain authority will rise as more websites connect to yours. Your domain authority essentially functions as a virtual scorecard that informs search engines like Google about the popularity of your website among internet users.

As you would expect, the more links that point to your website, the more “recommendations” you have, and the higher your website will appear in search results. A strong link profile signals to search engines that your website is a reliable resource for important data. The easier it is to attract website visitors, the higher you rank.

7. Run Instagram Advertising campaigns

Instagram advertisements are Shopify’s fifth-best income generator, and with good reason. The fact that 81% of users utilize this site to do online product research is what makes it so well-liked. Use Instagram’s robust audience targeting capabilities for companies, and the correct people will see your advertising. Due to the fact that many companies might get between 200 and 500 daily visits, an Instagram campaign can rapidly increase traffic to your Shopify shop.

Instagram advertisements are shown to those who match your audience preferences in the feed.

8. Make use of Google Shopping Ads

One of the most effective methods for increasing traffic to Shopify is Google Shopping advertisements. In only a few short weeks, several entrepreneurs and marketers were able to “turn the switch overnight” and produce thousands of dollars in internet sales.

You may target clients with Google Shopping advertisements that show up when they do online product searches.

9. Promo Codes and Deals

Discounts encourage people to shop at your business rather than just explore. You may use special offers in conjunction with surveys and other methods to better understand your clients. With the use of this technique, you could be able to draw in more clients or, at the very least, learn more about what makes someone interested or not.

Additionally, site-wide promotions pique customers’ curiosity and may persuade them to stay, peruse your store, and finally make a purchase. The data demonstrates that offering discounts to customers is effective: 57% of customers who received a discount made their first purchase from that company.

When developing your discount plan, bear the following in mind:

What do you want to achieve? Is it bringing in repeat customers, getting them to download your app, or selling a certain product?

Use discounts wisely to enhance rather than diminish the value of your brand.

Make sure your discounts help you achieve your business objectives.

10. Consider using promotional push notifications

After their first visit to your Shopify site, many visitors aren’t ready to make a purchase. They look at your stuff, pause, and then walk away.

It’s difficult to blame them for that since they have no choice but to shop at one of the thousands of internet retailers that are comparable to one another. To get their interest, you must first engage in some marketing. Push notifications are one way to remain in touch with departing visitors. They function similarly to emails but provide your messages additional viewers. A prompt to subscribe is shown to customers as they enter a shop.

11. To Rank Higher, Use Google Keyword Planner

A great free resource for finding keyword ideas and selecting targeted keywords is Google’s own Keyword Planner. To rank your eCommerce company better in Google search results, you may use such keywords in the metadata and the content.

Any page on your Shopify shop may be optimized using the keywords you discover in Planner. Particularly home sites and product pages—those designed to increase traffic conversion. Sign up for a free Google Ads account to utilize the Planner to find keywords and boost the SEO of your YouTube shop.

Select brief keywords to raise your eCommerce website’s SEO.

12. Email marketing newsletters should be shared

Even if emails aren’t at the top of the list of money generators, they may be a great asset for your online store. Since the majority of internet shoppers aren’t yet prepared to make a purchase, you may encourage them to sign up for your newsletter until they are.

Build an email list by purchasing an email marketing software for Shopify. In this approach, you may automatically send emails to your subscribers to recover abandoned carts and deliver marketing campaigns (welcome emails, promotions, offers, etc.) to your subscribers.


It’s time for people to start noticing your Shopify shop. Try these 11 traffic-generating tactics for Shopify; they can be a fantastic place to start for your company. Start with the ones that have been shown via study to generate the highest sales.

Making the purchasing procedure as simple as possible for your target market is what you are doing by linking your Shopify shop to your Instagram account.

Facebook continues to keep its position as the social media platform with the bulk of sales, despite Instagram having the second-highest order amount of social media marketing.

So it makes sense to link your Shopify shop and Facebook company profile together.
Users may connect with your Shopify shop even more easily by switching your company page to a Facebook Store without ever having to alter their regular online routines.
increase both traffic and sales

You will raise social media traffic and increase organic search traffic if you use each of these tactics.

It is crucial to keep in mind your marketing plan when it comes to your Shopify business as the competition intensifies. The success of your store depends on generating the correct kind of visitors.

Do not forget to base your plan on your personal research and budget. This will enable you to achieve the biggest return on investment from your advertising while bringing in the most number of prospective clients. Keep an eye on your feed to increase your prospective visitors even more. Take advantage of your most profitable goods and update it as needed.

Keep in mind that you will generate more sales the more visitors you have to your website.


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