How to Start With Video Editing


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Series of images + Sounds + transitions + Clips = Video!

Is it that simple? Let’s figure out through this blog wherein we will discuss what Video Editing is all about, whether it is difficult, the best tips for beginners to start in video editing, and all those that will help you get started! So, without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Start With Video Editing

What is Video Editing?

Video Editing is the process of creating a new refined digital work from an existing raw video by rearranging scenes and adding images, sounds, and clips to enhance the visual experience of the user watching it.

Video Editing could range from as easy as rearranging scenes and stitching in transitions to create a motion work to as hard as adding CGI (Computer-generated imagery) along with a host of other elements that require huge capital and time investment to get the output correct.

Video Editing falls under the post-production process, wherein all the footage or shots have been captured, and now it’s the job of video editors to slice them and put them together to convey a message or tell a story.

Is Video Editing difficult?

Video Editing is a pretty simple task, and it doesn’t take one to understand rocket science to get started. But, to achieve perfection or a high standard, experimentation and your Imagination are key! It could be overwhelming for some and easy for others.

You must mix your technical skills with creativity to achieve a good output. You can work on a laptop, PC, or even a mobile and install free software to help you get started. You can even watch YouTube videos from popular channels, which will help you in the beginning stage.

Suppose the whole video editing process interests you. In that case, you can pursue your career in Video Editing by enrolling in video editing course to help you upskill and learn all the smaller and bigger details that will propel you into a great career path.

Can I learn Video Editing on my own?

Sure! You can start learning Video Editing on your own! Thousands of free online resources are available on platforms like YouTube and many other websites. You can even read through various blogs and websites and join social media platforms wherein you can network with artistic personalities and expert video editors who are more than willing to help you. Even you could learn a lot from them!

Practice is the key. The more you practice, the better your output will be. So keep practicing, learning new editing techniques, networking with people, observing others’ work for inspiration, and trying to boost your creative aspects. Start freelancing in the beginner phase of your career if you can, which will help boost your profile and knowledge.

How do I start basic Video Editing?

Step 1: Choose a Video Editing software to work with (free or paid)

Step 2: Learn how to master the software through tutorials, notes, and YouTube videos to understand the interface

Step 3: Start working on simpler videos to get the basics right!

Step 4: Observe others’ work. For example, please pick up a movie scene or any video, and learn how they created those scenes or shots and how they have edited them.

Step 5: Learning is not a stage; it’s a continual process. Even expert video editors learn daily. So enroll in courses, refer to websites, videos, and tutorials and take advice from experts. Then, keep learning and mastering the craft.

Step 6: Practice! Practice! Practice!

Best Video Editing tips for beginners

Video Editing is a complex task. So as a beginner, you will need all the help you can. So, here are the best Video Editing tips for beginners:

Use a fast computer

You can choose any laptop or PC, but it needs to be fast enough! Because only if it’s fast can it store and load huge files faster. A fast computer allows you to focus more on video editing rather than waiting long enough.

Choose the software that works best for you.

You can start learning video editing from any software out there. But don’t go straight away for the most popular ones. Some of them are Priemer Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and many more.

Instead, choose software that suits your editing style and works best for you rather than diving into the latest and most advanced software in the market.

Tutorials are must watch

Tutorials are the best way to get started in Video Editing. Most of the tutorials out there are free and aren’t paid content. They are easily accessible, and you can watch any device. It will help you learn certain steps in a very simple manner. Just choose a software, and start watching tutorials to get up to speed quickly.

321 rule is a must!

Video Editing is a very creative process. It is a disaster if you lose what you are working on currently. That’s why all budding video editors must follow the 321 rule, which is always to make three different copies of everything you create in two different places, one of them away from your location. It serves as a backup to help you if anything goes south!

Use keyboard shortcuts as much as you can!

Shortcuts make the life of video editors easy. So it’s essential to memorize shortcuts that will help you get things done quickly.

Learn important terms

Learn the lingo of video editors to better communicate with your fellow video editors more efficiently. Some of the terms are; Jum Cuts, J Cuts, L Cuts, Montage, etc.


Experimentation, Imagination, and practice are what will take you become an expert from a novice video editor. I hope you understand how to become a video editor from this blog. Keep learning! Keep experimenting!


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