How to Be a Better Student: The Ultimate Guide


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Did you know that a third of teachers are reporting that their students are less prepared for this school year than they were in the past?

The COVID pandemic is much to blame for students feeling unprepared. This is because instruction and consistency have been difficult to maintain.

How to Be a Better Student: The Ultimate Guide

If you want to improve your school year, there are many steps that you can take to becoming a better student.

Continue reading to discover how to be a better student so that you can follow your dreams and have a successful future!

1. Get Enough Sleep

Did you know that teenagers in high school are only getting 8 hours of sleep each night, which isn’t enough?

Get Enough Sleep

Teens should be getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night for their bodies and brain to fully recover from the day. Since they are growing so much and use a lot of energy to focus in school, they need extra time to rest and prepare for the upcoming day.

Most high school tips include getting enough sleep because if you don’t, your mood and grades can suffer. When students don’t get enough sleep they are more likely to take naps while they are in class. They also get distracted during lessons that they don’t find interesting.

If you struggle to get enough sleep each night, try going to bed at the same time and waking up every day at the same time. Once your body adapts to your schedule, you shouldn’t spend so much time lying awake in bed.

2. Sit In The Front of the Classroom

If you have trouble focusing in the classroom or seeing the front board, try sitting at the front of the room.

Sit In The Front of the Classroom

Sitting in the front of the classroom has proven to be an effective method for increasing grades. When you sit in the front, you are less likely to lose your focus and are often more engaged in the lesson. Being directly in front of the teacher or professor will make you want to answer more questions and ask them as you get confused.

When people sit in the back of the room, they are more likely to talk to people around them, not hear lessons, and get distracted. If you don’t have open seating, talk to your instructor about sitting at the front and they should accommodate your request.

3. Work With a Tutor

Many people don’t get help from a tutor until it is too late and their grades are suffering.

Work With a Tutor

Working with a tutor, even while you are doing well in class, can help further your understanding of information and lead to better grades. Tutors can be much more than help you study for an upcoming test or to write a paper. They can also help guide you through education struggles and teach you different methods to improve your learning.
Another reason to consider a tutor is that you will develop a strong relationship with someone who cares about your success. When you have another person holding you accountable for your goals and grades, you are more inclined to work harder.

Most school districts and universities provide free tutors to students. If not, you can look for tutors in your area that are knowledgeable in your courses or you can search Chinese tutor.

4. Don’t Multitask

If you are looking for college tips, one of the most important ones to follow is to avoid multitasking.

Dont Multitask

Although it might seem like multitasking will work out in your favor, it rarely does. When you are studying, turn off the TV and focus completely on the work in front of you. This might mean that you need to isolate yourself during study times, but it will produce positive results.

Multitasking impacts the brain’s ability to absorb information and can confuse different concepts. If you need to study for several classes in one day, break each course up and try not to overlap any of the information.

You should also avoid listening to your favorite music or checking social media while studying. Each time that you lose focus on your work, you have to get yourself back into it and can lose quality time.

5. Set Goals for Yourself

You might be wondering, “what are academic goals that will help me achieve my dream?”

Set Goals for Yourself

Academic goals should be realistic and measurable intentions that you want to achieve. They should be able to get done in a timely matter and be specific. You can set short and long-term goals to help guide you along your educational journey.

Setting goals should be a top priority because it will help you maintain your focus. When making your goals, try to avoid general statements. Be as specific as you can be.

Common goals that people set for themselves can attend every class, take thorough notes, and study for a specific amount of time each day.

6. Chunk Your Studying Time

Another method of learning how to be a great student is to practice chunking your studying time.

Chunk Your Studying Time

If you have a habit of cramming for tests the night before your exam, you need to pay attention. Chunking your studying involves breaking up information into time or information segments. Once the information has been broken down or you give yourself a time limit, you can avoid information overload.

Chunking is a great way to study because it helps your brain retain information. The brain can only absorb 5 to 9 units of information at a time, which is why you can’t learn everything all at once. If you have an upcoming test, start reviewing chapters of your lessons days or weeks in advance to fully absorb the information.

7. Eat a Balanced Diet

When your body is not getting the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to function, your grades will suffer.

Eat a Balanced Diet

You must do your best to eat a balanced diet during the school year so that you don’t go to class lethargic or hungry. Many college students get into the poor habit of having a bagel and energy drink for breakfast. Although this breakfast might initially wake you up, it will leave you crashed and tired later in the day.

Try your best to eat a diet that is filled with fruits, vegetables, and grains. These foods will keep you nourished and feeling good throughout the day. Another reason why you should eat a balanced diet is so that you aren’t dealing with digestive issues while trying to focus on your lesson.

8. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Stress and anxiety play a major role in students who underperform.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

When a student is feeling stressed and overwhelmed, they have a harder time picking up new information and retaining it. This is because the brain is so consumed by outside factors that it cannot hold information about the lesson you are trying to learn.

If you suffer from anxiety and stress, you must do your best to manage it during the school year. Taking walks and meditating are great ways of breaking this stress and feeling good. When stress is managed, you can focus on new concepts and be in a more positive mood.

Many people struggle with test and speech anxiety, which can also impact grades. Believing in yourself and giving enough time to study will help prevent these anxieties. It is okay to be nervous for tests and speeches, but your anxiety shouldn’t interfere with your grades.

9. Focus on Your Passions

Whether you are in primary or secondary school, you must have a focus on your passions to do well in class.

Focus on Your Passions

When people focus on their dreams and passions, they are reminded of why they need to push themselves through tough times. In college, students have to take courses that might not have anything to do with the career they are going into. Instead of dreading these classes, try to remind yourself why you are taking them and what things you can learn.

Being reminded about your goals and passions will help motivate you when you want to quit. This is especially important when you attend college because no one is forcing you to graduate as they did in high school.

Another reason you should focus on passions is so that you can get a break from your studies and be reminded of the things that you love.

10. Believe in Yourself

Many people don’t realize the importance of believing in themselves. However, did you know that positive thought can help you accomplish your goals?

Believe in Yourself

Students struggle to accomplish their goals because they don’t believe in themselves. Telling yourself that you aren’t smart enough or unable to do something will only set you back. Not only will it lead to unfulfilled goals, but it will also hurt your self-esteem.

Do your best to have positive thoughts about your abilities and trust in yourself. The more trust and belief that you put in yourself, the farther you will be able to go. When someone trusts that they can do something, they often see improved results.

Each time that you have a negative thought about your abilities come across your mind, try replacing them with your strengths. Some people recommend writing down your accomplishments so that you have a list to encourage you along the way.

11. Practice Punctuality

If you want to learn how to be a better student, you need to understand the importance of punctuality and attendance.

Practice Punctuality

Attending all of your classes is crucial to getting a passing grade, and so is showing up to them on time. When you are late to class or miss a lesson, you can quickly fall behind and miss important information. Another reason to practice punctuality is that many college professors offer extra credit at the beginning of class.

Being punctual and prepared will help you focus in the classroom and prevent you from pulling out your notebook 20 minutes into the lesson. When students are late to class, they often feel unprepared and have a hard time catching up.

12. Head to the Library

Instead of trying to get your friends or family to be quiet for 3 hours each night, why not head to the library?

Head to the Library

As a student, you have the option to visit the library. The library is an excellent resource for students because it provides a place to use the internet and focus in a quiet space. There are much fewer distractions when you are in a library because you won’t be tempted to watch TV or hang out with friends.

Take time at the beginning of the school year to find a comfortable place to stay in your library. Whether you go to the library at the school, campus, or city, you will be in a perfect location to study and focus.

Depending on your library, there might be floors that allow students to work with each other in quiet groups, eat food, or focus on silent levels.

Learn How To Be a Better Student

When it comes to learning how to be a better student, there are many methods to try.
Although there are many things that you can’t control, like school schedules and COVID regulations, you still have a lot of power. When it comes to improving your education experience, you can make the most of it by following your passions and goals.

You must have the confidence to believe in yourself, even when times get tough and you fail. Having the courage to get up and try again is the most important thing. Don’t forget to take care of your physical and mental health to help push you along in the process.

Succeeding in school will help you follow your dreams, but you must learn the discipline to keep on track.

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