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1Win Twain is a sports section where you can kick and throw the ball in the basket and quickly get rewards. This is T-Kick and T-Basket where the game is played by two players in 60 seconds, the result of the game is determined by which player scores more points or there will be a draw. There are betting options, and both single and multi bets are available on the 1Win official site. Further on we will take a closer look at all betting options on Twain Sport.

1Win Bookmaker Sportsbook in India

1Win is a great bookmaker that has put together an impressive lineup with thousands of betting markets. They have the most competitive odds, betting options, and free predictions. The company offers the opportunity to bet on sporting events in categories such as:

  • Live with free broadcasts;
  • Sportsbook consisting of more than 40 sportsbooks;
  • Cybersports with broadcasts of international cups;
  • Twain sport – a brand new type of competition with instant winnings;
  • Fantasy sport for team building;
  • Vsport with virtual soccer leagues.

Every player can be sure of this as soon as he registers on the site. In addition, the new Twain Sports section is now very popular at 1win, where you can bet on two areas at once.

Twain Sports Betting Option in 1Win India

Twain Sport is a quick game with simple rules, basketball, and soccer-themed pre-recorded games, and a wide range of betting options. Two players compete on the court, trying to score as many points as possible to emerge victorious. One match lasts 60 seconds, during which time players must make as many accurate shots/rebounds as possible.

Players can bet on the winner, tie, or score value, as well as select games from the pre-recorded 1Win catalog.

T-Kick and T-Basket

Bets are accepted before the start of the game, whereas during the game bets on the current match are not accepted. If bets on the current match are made during the game due to a technical error, the bets will be canceled and the funds will be returned to the players. There are single bets and multi bets. A multi-bet consists of two different outcomes. For a multi to win, both bets must win. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the odds.

To place a Twain Sport bet you will need to:

  1. Register on the 1Win website;
  2. Deposit funds into your account using any available method;
  3. Choose the Twain Sport section;
  4. Select a betting category and select the outcome of the game;
  5. Enter the bet amount;
  6. Click on the “Place Bet” button;
  7. After placing the bet, the message “Bet accepted” will appear.

Once you have a positive outcome, feel free to go to the “Withdrawal” section and you can continue playing Twain Sport further. This is an exciting event that is sure to bring you additional winnings and betting experience.

How Do I Check the Results and History of Twain Sports Bet?

Each draw has a unique number and its results can be found on the “Results” page. You can check your betting history on the “Betting History” page in your profile.


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