3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Externalized IT Support


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Externalized IT support is a business tactic to cut down on unnecessary expenses without sacrificing on the necessary services. There are several reasons as to why this strategy works so well for small businesses, and we are about to discuss the most significant ones next.

3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Externalized IT Support

24×7 IT Support

IT is one of those departments in any business which can be needed at any hour of the day. Practically though, it is very costly to maintain 24×7 IT support teams in-house, especially for small businesses. It would mean that the business will either have to employ multiple IT teams, or they must suffer the disadvantages of having an IT team available for only a few hours of the day. On the other hand, if the business externalizes their IT needs to a company which can provide 24×7 IT support, high quality technical support becomes affordable for even small businesses.

Wider IT Support

A small company usually does not have the resources to hire a comprehensive IT support team. In most instances, only a few people have to handle all technical aspects of the business. This is an unfair expectation which will become more prominent as the company grows in size. Information Technology, aka IT, is a huge field with several categories and subcategories. It is getting even more complex with each passing day. Even the best of the best professionals working in IT cannot possibly claim to be experts in every one of the subdivisions.

As a business grows, so will their technological needs, and they will have to expand their permanent in-house IT team members accordingly. Externalized IT solutions present themselves as a much more affordable and practical alternative. Not only is it going to be significantly cheaper than putting several new, highly qualified technical experts on your permanent payroll, but there’s more to it. If you are dealing with a reputed and well-established company, then they will also have that comprehensive team of experienced technical experts to help their clients.

A Streamlined Business

Small business managements often find it difficult to manage several interconnected departments, especially the ones which are not directly related to the main business. For example, IT personnel are an essential part of the supply chain management business, but they are not the ones who actually do the work. Rather, they have the responsibility to ensure smooth sailing. This is a critical role and one which is responsible for the boosted delivery speeds, better routing, rerouting, profitable route calculations, software maintenance, application developments, and so much more.

However, due to the difference in understanding of how things work from two ends of the business, conflicts and noncooperation between them can become almost inevitable at times. On top of that, an in-house IT team may not even be available at the most inconvenient of times. Outsourced IT teams solve all these problems to a great extent because they are not a part of the main business which the client company is responsible for managing. Also, a team being available all the time makes collaboration much easier between IT and the other departments in any segment.


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