3 Types Of Showers One Should Know About


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When it comes to purchasing a new shower, the variety of options available might be overwhelming! Questions about boiler types and water pressure can add to the complexity. The last thing somebody needs is to purchase a new shower to discover it isn’t quite what they had hoped for! It’s crucial to understand the many sorts of showers accessible if someone is seeking to figure out which one they should use. After all, while one person may love their new electric bath, it may not be appropriate for your bathroom!

3 Types Of Showers One Should Know About

Electric Shower

These are one of the most adaptable showers available. An electrical heating element heats an electric bath. They differ from other types in that they require cold water to operate. Instead of relying on a boiler or hot water tank for hot water, they can use an in-built heating system to heat water quickly. They work by combining hot and cold water to get the desired temperature. These are great for anyone who wishes to have a hot bath right away, and they also can save electricity.


  • Water pressure must be sufficient, either from the mains or from a pump.
  • There is no need for a boiler or a tank to provide hot water.
  • Compact and straightforward to set up.
  • These are perfect for homes with combi boilers, but they will work with almost any water system.

Mixer Shower

A mixer shower varies from an electric shower in that it requires hot water from another source. A mixer performs what its name implies: it produces water at the preferred temperature. It combines hot and cold water before delivering it to you through the showerhead. Because most mixers are mechanical, they don’t require any electricity to operate, which is perfect for power outages! If a person wishes to utilise a separate shower pump to increase water pressure, they will have to attach it to a power source.


  • A hot and cold water source is required.
  • Showers with a higher water flow rate than electric showers
  • It has some hidden styles
  • These are ideally suited to gravity-fed water systems or residences with a significant supply of hot water.

Power Shower

These make use of a pump to increase the water flow rate. It does, however, necessitate the use of energy. Power showers do not use electricity to heat the water. Instead, they function as a mixer, blending hot water from the boiler with cold water from a source. As a result, they’re suitable for low-water-pressure homes.


  • They, like a mixer, require both hot and cold water.
  • In terms of water pressure, it is the best.
  • They use a lot more water than other shower kinds.

Digital Shower

These are more modern, perfect for folks who enjoy having the most up-to-date technology in their houses! The distinction between these and other shower kinds is that they have excellent temperature adjustments to set with a single button press. These are the pinnacle of bathroom design. Their control panel, which displays water temperature and flow rate information, is a standout feature. It means that one may adjust the water temperature within a few degrees, and some even allow you to create profiles for each family member!


  • It functions similarly to a mixer shower in that it draws hot water directly from the boiler.
  • There are options for every sort of water system or boiler.
  • Some even work with smartphones and tablets.
  • These are ideal for people looking to update their bathroom’s technology.


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