Should Pregnant Women Take Singulair?


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Singulair is a medication or Montelukast that is used for treating problems such as asthma. They are consumed to treat disorders such as runny nose, rhinitis, stuffy nose, and also prevent the occurrence of exercise-induced asthma. It is used to treat people suffering from acute respiratory disorder. Some people constantly experience problems such as wheezing, shortness of breath, or asthma attacks. People with respiratory disorders who want to perform exercises consume this medication because they should not experience problems after exercising. The medication reduces the problem of hay fever or stuffy nose. But this medication should not be consumed to treat certain disorders such as asthma, or other breathing disorders. This page include information that is essential for expecting moms to understand the nitty gritties of the medicine. Also they can understand the cause and effects of having it in their gestation period. Medicines like Singulair are sometimes savior for people suffering from respiratory disorders but it should be consumer with utmost care during pregnancy.

Should pregnant women take Singulair

So it is always good to follow the official statement of your doctor regarding this before consuming the same. When you are pregnant, it is not just about you but you are having a developing life in your womb as well and taking care of that life is also your responsibility. Consuming medicines like Singulair can impact differently to different people and that is how in pregnancy too. So always let the gynecologist study your case and then prescribe the medicine for better results.

Singulair during pregnancy

Generally during pregnancy, some strong medications are not recommended. But, some pregnant women suffer from respiratory disorders. The US FDA pregnancy category is not able to successfully prove that Singulair is a risk during pregnancy. Women with respiratory disorders should not suddenly stop taking Singulair even during pregnancy because it may suddenly cause lung damage. So, a woman may consume Singulair but she should consult her gynecologist. So, it does not affect the pregnancy, but the woman should be treated effectively. If the woman is not given proper medication during pregnancy, then she the risk of fetus malformation increases. But, the dose should be administered carefully. If the woman consumes additional dosage, then she may experience the problems of depression, aggression, or nightmares according to the Dutch researchers.

Singulair for treating different respiratory problem

So, Singulair and pregnancy are almost not correlated to each other. It may also cause weight gain in women and hence a woman should administer the dose carefully. Usually, a woman suffering from asthma experiences the problem of preterm delivery, vaginal hemorrhage, preeclampsia or increased blood pressure during pregnancy. So, a woman should undergo treatment during pregnancy if she is suffering from asthma. The American College of Obstetricians state that Singulair or any other type of montelukast is an effective form of medication. Even after surveying nearly 72 women, they could not find malformations of any fetus. But, some studies have found, that some women may experience problems. Some babies were born with congenital, limb or cardiac defects according to the Swedish register studies.

Singular is safe for the pregnancy and is used to treat disorders such as chronic or prophylaxis treatment of asthma. Most of the researchers could not find whether this medication poses risks during pregnancy. Limited data is available for the usage of the medication. It is used for prevention of exercise-induced bronchoconstriction also. This medication is also distributed in breast milk and it can be used during pregnancy only if necessary. Previous studies have proved that this medication is not harmful during the process of animal reproduction. But, these same studies may not be applicable to human beings also. The people with recalcitrant asthma have consumed this medication and did not experience any problem according to the studies conducted by American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. So having singulair during pregnancy is considered safe by most of the researchers.

So, women with severe respiratory problems may consume this medication by borrowing doctor’s advice and then take the medication.


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