Ido Fishman Shares Useful Tips for Exercise Beginners


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There is no doubt that getting started with a new exercise regime can seem very daunting, especially when you don’t have any prior experience. Yes, it is going to hurt and there will be times when you have to drag yourself to do it, but the benefits often make it all worth it. Ido Fishman says that you shouldn’t let the prospect of sweating scare you away from the toned and healthy body you will achieve. Moreover, you shouldn’t be intimidated at all because it doesn’t have to be complex. You can use the following tips to get started and make sure everything goes without a hitch:

Ido Fishman Shares Useful Tips for Exercise Beginners

– Set realistic goals

First things first, experts like Ido Fishman repeatedly remind people that it will take you time to get the results you are after. Do not expect results overnight because when you don’t see them, it can be highly demotivating. When you are setting an ultimate goal, it is a good idea to break it down into a lot of smaller goals. This can help you stay motivated in the long run and you can celebrate when you achieve every small goal that brings you closer to your big one.

– Stay consistent

An important thing to bear in mind is that you can only see results if you remain consistent and regular when it comes to exercise. As per Ido Fishman, you need to stick to your program and avoid frequent starts and stops because this will only delay the results.

– Don’t do too much too soon

A lot of people end up making this mistake and it often drives them away from exercise. Yes, you want to achieve your goals quickly, but doing too much too soon means you will burn out. Do not increase what you are doing by more than 10% in a week, or else you are less likely to stick to it.

– Accept the discomfort

It is natural for you to experience feelings of discomfort when you begin exercising. You may experience sweating, shortness of breath, and aching muscles. Experts like Ido Fishman say that this is completely normal and anyone who is starting out will go through this, so there is no need to be worried.

– Don’t forget water

One of the most important things to remember when you are starting out with an exercise program is to drink plenty of water before, during as well as after the exercise. According to Ido Fishman, you should definitely do this if you are exercising for long periods, or in warm conditions. Dehydration can lead to poor performance and severe dehydration can actually be quite dangerous, so it is best to avoid.

– Exercise when it suits you

There is no best time for exercising. Everyone is different and has a different routine; some people are early risers, while others work late into the night. It is best to exercise at a time that you feel you have the most energy because that’s all you need to do it.

– Train with a friend

There are times when people find it difficult to start out on their own. In such situations, Ido Fishman suggests that you train with a friend. This can help you get the motivation you need during the exercise sessions and most importantly, it also reduces the chances of you missing a planned session because you don’t want to let your friend down.

– Try new things

Another essential tip that Ido Fishman shares is to try something new every now and then. Don’t let yourself fall into a rut when you are exercising. You can keep things interesting when you switch exercises, activities and create new workout routines. It will not only keep your exercise program fresh and exciting, but the new challenges can also make it easier for you to achieve your goals and prevent any boredom.


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