Intestinal Parasites – All You Need to Know


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Do you know that there’s a pretty high possibility that you have a parasite infestation?

Parasites live in another organism, called the host, and cannot survive without it. For this reason, they don’t kill the host (eventually they do) but can cause some severe diseases. Right now, your body might literally be crawling with a number of strains of parasites. Your intestine alone holds more than half of the parasites of your body.

Intestinal Parasites - All You Need to Know

These are the most disturbing invaders to your body and sadly, most of the individuals carry them around.

How Do They Get Into Your Body?

Parasites can enter your body in a number of ways. The foremost is through contaminated food and water. Parasites are commonly present in undercooked food as well as unclean or contaminated fruits and vegetables. Few parasites can also make way into your body if you come into contact with the animal or human feces in soil.

People who are infected with parasites can easily pass them along. You may get infected by touching doorknobs, or basin compliments in a restroom. These places are breeding grounds for these vermin. So, handwash is a great way to prevent contamination and transmission of parasites. Once parasites enter your body, they can multiply rapidly.

But, How To Tell If You Have Parasites?

You might have heard that it all starts in your gut and your gut controls your health. Well, that’s true! Parasites in your intestine may lead to a number of diseases.

There are many symptoms which are directly or indirectly related to parasites.

  • Muscles or joint aches
  • Sore mouth or lips or maybe white spots inside your mouth
  • Unexplained constipation, diarrhea or gas
  • Constant illness and poor immune system
  • Fatigue, exhaustion, and depression

How Would You Save Yourself?

If you don’t have parasites, check out some steps to prevent the parasites from entering your body at And, if you have or think you have intestinal parasites, you might be interested in natural remedies to help your gut. Luckily, there are some natural treatments which are effective in removing parasites.

1. A Healthy Diet: Having processed food and sugar intake can feed parasites and make their removal very uncomfortable. Include high fibers in your diet. It will keep your bowel movements regular and help your body to get rid of parasites naturally. Accompanying that, a nutrient-rich diet is also vital for strengthening your immune system.

2. Intake Of Vitamin C: Adding it to your diet is an effective way to remove parasites as it is an excellent antioxidant, has antiparasitic effects, and supports your immune system.

3. Let Your Body Sweat: As your body kills parasites, it is important to remove them and the toxins associated with them. One of the best ways to remove some of these is through sweating. Let your body sweat by getting in hot tubs or sauna or by exercising.

It may seem tantalizing to try natural remedies to get rid of intestinal parasites and accelerate your recovery. But, it does help. Believe it or not.


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