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If you want to reach a more significant number of spectators, music YouTube promotion is vital. To achieve this, create and run a campaign on YouTube, send out emails to music blogs, and collaborate with other forms of outreach to research and find the right keywords and hashtags. These resources are highly beneficial in reaching designated audiences for your music video!

YouTube Music Video Promotion

YouTube has more than two billion users worldwide and hosts millions of songs. It’s a vast venue for everything from music marketing to music promotion. It’s also an excellent place to post and upload an audio/video music video! This article offers suggestions for successfully marketing your music on YouTube.

Why are music videos important for musicians?

Over 70 of the top 100 highest-ranked videos on YouTube are music videos (the next 26 are children’s songs, technically music videos, as well). Because music videos play a significant part in many artists’ long-term success, many famous artists began their stardom with large videos.

Each one of the videos allows you to make a whole occasion around it. You can edit and post the video on your social channels, put a screening, share filming stills, or celebrate anniversaries after the video’s launch. These extra content lanes open when you decide to release a video.

Musical videos help mold and establish your public identity as that artist or band’s fan base grows.

Take advantage of the link to promote YouTube video

Why promoting your music video on YouTube is essential?

Approximately 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, meaning it is practically impossible for your film to be on the site.

YouTube is hardly the only site suitable for a video being released; also, only some subscribers who subscribe to it will turn on their alert ringer. Everyone interested in a video posted to YouTube might need to be made aware of it, especially since there is no interconnection between the YouTube site and the website.

Obtaining friends and like-minded musicians to share it with and sharing it on all social media networks and with similar musical influencers will increase its exposure.

All these advertising actions are free of charge (most promotions are performed through social networking websites, but a few need payments to utilize). A well-planned Google Ads campaign can help boost the success of a video release.

How to promote your music video on YouTube organically

YouTube promotion on music videos can be a great way to gain more likes and subscribers and reach a wider audience. But if you need help with going about it organically and for free, here are some tips to help you get started.

Video quality

Once you publish the video on YouTube, you send a press release to your favorite music blogs and other news media with the unlisted link. Make sure to prepare an extreme-quality video of the file before uploading it to YouTube so you can stream it in multiple quality levels.

If your initial quality could be better, to begin with, the inferior quality will increase as time goes on, and it will not look suitable for your company.

Three phases of a release

There are three phases of disseminating a video, like a music video: the prerelease stage, the launch party, and the post-event promotion. Each phase requires different tools and resources. When you begin planning the release and have set a date, also set a date when the prerelease stage starts. It is when you start sharing the video on social media.

You may do this by holding various events or releasing video pieces. Regardless of how you pitch this content, your goal is to generate excitement and anticipation. More minor updates, like a new promotional video or channel description a few weeks before the release, can help hype it up. Your fans will know something is going on.

Your music video’s description and hashtags

Your videos’ detailed descriptions and hashtags can contribute to their traction. In the description, you can list all the people involved in creating the video, including the director, camera crew, editor, and so on.

Additionally, if it is not a lyric video, you can put the lyrics here, so fans have an official source for them. Also, remember to link to all streaming platforms, your merchandise shop (if you run one), and your other social media channels.

Many artists also incorporate a list of hashtags (think hashtags for Instagram or Twitter) into their descriptions and titles. While in other social media channels, hashtags can lead viewers to other videos with the same hashtag.


YouTube promotion is an effective and cost-efficient way of reaching a broad audience. Through the given link, you can promote your music video, allowing new viewers to find and appreciate your work. With the proper research and dedication, YouTube promotion can be optimized for maximum reach and success. It is important to remember to pay attention to this powerful tool, as it has the potential to benefit your music career greatly. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity and start promoting your music video on YouTube today!


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