5 Proven Online Tactics to Attract More Patients to Your Dental Office


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Today when we are relying on technology for almost every sphere of life from shopping, education, to business everything is transforming and shifting to an online era. Amidst of this how the health discipline can stay untouched from online world. Those who are in dental practices also need online presence to reach more and more patients to survive in the market. Dental service is not just a service but at the same time it is about making patients realize that you are the best in the market when it comes to choose dental services.

5 proven online tactics to attract more patients to your dental office

Gone are the days when people used to choose for the conventional tactics for advertisement of their dental practice and today online presence is very important to reach more and more patients. Here we will talk about the ways that one can follow religiously to chase more and more patients for dental clinic through online promotion and tactics like claim and manage your GMB profile for better online presence and many more such tactics.

1. Local Search Optimization of the Website

It is very important that the local clients are able to spot you online when they search for dental services nearby. Your website must be visible to them which is possible when you are involved in optimizing your site for the local searches. Here are few steps to take care for this;

  • Focus more on Local keywords: Make sure that you are using specific keywords that are boosting the visibility of your site to local folk. Using the keywords like “near me” deliberately can do the job.
  • Add a local service pages of your dental services: Do not forget to add a local services page of your dental services without forgetting to mention the location and such peculiar things.
  • List your business with Google My Business listing: Google my business listing is a must for every business in modern time and you cannot get away with it.

Apart from it keeping a regular update with the content of the site is equally crucial apart from the above steps.

2. Social Media to Boost Online Interaction and Presence

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are must to boost a business presence online these days’ especially local businesses.

  • Let people know your services: You can create a Facebook page and share posts related to your day to day experiences and blogs regarding dental services to engage with local people.
  • Build a community: Build a community where you are an active member and resolving the dental services related queries of people.
  • Interact with patients: You can seek reviews, feedbacks of your patients which lure new patients to your clinic by using social media platforms.

In doing so you have to maintain the professionalism in all your deeds and at the same time people should feel connected to you.

3. Set Online Appointment System for Patients

Today nobody is having time to take manual appointments by paying visits to the clinic first. That is why make sure to set online appointment system to attract the attention of the patients.

  • Embed your appointment system in your site: Provide the appointment system to your site so that patients can directly book an appointment.
  • Make it one step process: Do not leave the appointment to a confirmation message and such things to turn it into hectic process for patients.
  • Choose for automated reminder: Remind your patients about appointments that are upcoming before few hours or minutes for that matters.

4. Ask for feedback and reviews of patients

It is very crucial to ask for the patient’s feedback and reviews which in turn brings more new patients to your clinic.

  • Flash positive reviews on site: You can put reviews on your site so that patients can read them and make a plan to visit your clinic.
  • Revert to patients reviews: Make sure that you are acknowledging the reviews and making reply to them.

5. Run online Campaign for target audience

The Google Ads and social media advertisement are the best tools to utilize these days to chase the target audience. Run campaigns that helps to ensure that you are reaching more local crowd.

  • Focus on target crowd: The feature Retargeting can help you to reach the local audience for your dental services.
  • Be specific in your services: Mention specific services and offers to your patients to seek their attention.

These are the best online tactics that dental services providers can approach to have more and more patients. Apart from it you can also approach for the digital marketing services for your dental practices. Investing in professional digital marketing services specializing in dental practices will always be beneficial for your clinic to get more patients. That is how you can see a good growth in the flow of patients to your clinic. Online marketing agencies can give new heights of success to your business by using their professional tactics to attract new patients by reaching more and more target crowd online.


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