It Is Important to Know Who is On School Property


What if you could know everyone who was on your property at any given time and what if you had a system that was in place to ensure that everyone on the property was supposed to be there and if there was anyone who was unauthorised, then you could immediately identify them and remove them if necessary. All of this is possible and it comes in the form of a visitor management system that is there to keep everyone a lot safer. We unfortunately live in a society where people will take any opportunity to come onto our property and steal something if the opportunity presents itself. There are also people out there who wish to do harm to our children and so we need to put things in place to protect them from people such as these. Every parent wants the peace of mind required when dropping off the children at school and handing them over to people that they really do trust.

It Is Important to Know Who is On School Property

If you are currently running a school or other learning institution that is still using the old style signing in system into some kind of ledger then this may be something that you might be very interested in. The people at Taremtec will tell you all about this revolutionary visitor management system that has made schools a lot more secure. You probably have a budget that you have to stick to every year and so the cost of such a system might be off-putting to you. However once you read about the following benefits of implementing such a system then you will realise that it is money very well spent.

– You can manage your contractors – Learning institutions will have full-time employees but very often there are people on contracts for a year or for a short time on the property and their movements need to be monitored by some kind of property management infrastructure. There are certain places in the school when they shouldn’t be and many schools use the trust system to ensure that these people remain inside their authorised zones. When a visitor management system is introduced, it can be adapted to contractors and other different visitors as well. The personnel at the school will then have access to the time they entered the property and where they are at any one time. They can also look up if there is a foreign for them to be there and legal compliance as well. This allows you to properly manage your contractors.

– Increased productivity – If there are a large group of visitors coming to your lending institution like teachers from another area then you can easily register all of them before they arrive. This means that when they do turn up they can be checked in quickly and efficiently and self-service check-in options are also available. This allows your receptionists to complete the tasks that they have been assigned to and takes the burden away from them.

– Increased security – This is a fantastic selling point of the system and it is the one that is probably the most important. It is important that you create a learning environment that is safe for both students and teachers and this visitor management system ticks all of these boxes. It gives both students and teachers peace of mind that they deserve knowing that anyone they meet on school grounds or in the corridors is authorised to be there.

As you can see, a visitor management system is something that all learning institutions should have. After the initial costs of implementing such a system, it helps to pay for itself in no time at all and it totally streamlines your visitor processes.


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