How to Enhance Your 8-Ball Pool Experience


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While lockdown is creating chaos in the minds of the people, online games are emerging as one of the best ways of entertaining them while allowing them to do something productive to enhance their cognitive abilities. There are many games that you can play online based on the ones you are interested in.

How to Enhance Your 8-Ball Pool Experience

Among the wide range of games, cue sports are the ones that are less likely to be played given the significance their traditional physical version holds among professional players. However, recently TechnoSports listed MPL as one of the gaming platforms to host a virtual game night, considering its 8 ball pool game as one of the options to go for. Thus, if you are planning to play 8-ball pool as one of the games for your virtual game night, you can surely do so to make the event memorable for your virtual attendees.

Today, multiple gaming platforms host the cue sport, but the gaming experience of players differ. In case you feel that you are unable to enjoy the game of 8-ball pool properly, there are ways in which you can enhance the experience. Taking into account, the following points will let you play 8 ball pool and enjoy it to the fullest.

Check compatibility

Online games today are designed and developed keeping in mind certain system requirements. Most of the players download these games on their Android or Smartphone and hence, these games are tried to be made compatible for such devices, including the iOS wherever applicable. When you are prepared to invite friends or cousins for the virtual game night, make sure your 8-ball pool game runs smoothly on your system. Also, ask them to check the same. This will ensure all of the participants involved in the game have the best-ever gaming experience and there are no regrets at the later stages.

Imagine you have started your game on the scheduled date and time and the game runs slow. Wouldn’t it spoil your and other gamers’ mood? Of course, it would. Thus, whatever device you will be playing on, make sure to check everything beforehand and see how wonderful your virtual game night becomes.

Read guidelines

This cue sport is all about the rules. You have to have proper knowledge of the game to ensure you can play in the right way. There are 15 object balls and one cue ball, with which the players need to hit the other balls. The balls are numbered from 1-7 and 9-15 with the ball numbered 8 being the main target. The objective of the players in the game is to pocket all the designated balls followed by ball no. 8. The player who hits and pockets the 8-numbered ball is the winner of the game.

To make sure your game night goes as planned, you should ensure playing and practicing the game regularly. This will help you be an expert and win the game. You should not forget that your friends are trying hard to become a pro.

Know about the fouls

Fouls lead to penalties in the pool game. Hence, be aware of the fouls involved in the game. You might be someone playing the game for a long time, but you are still likely to get involved in a foul. In a rush to the pocket ball no. 8 and win, players often hit or pocket your opponent’s ball. There are chances that you hit and pocket the cue ball, instead. In both cases, it’s a foul for you.

In addition, you need to remember that if the ball you have hit doesn’t touch the pool table ball or if the cue ball doesn’t touch your desired ball, you still make a foul. One mistake might turn the game against you. Thus, it is recommended that you know about all of them to make sure your gaming experience is up to the mark.

Check accessories

In times of lockdown and social distancing, online game developers make sure they offer means of interaction on the gaming platforms they design. Thus, communication remains on throughout the gaming session. Hence, you should check your audio and microphone setups. This will ensure you have a clear conversation with the friends involved in the game for the night and will let you feel you are all playing at the same table.

The distance, in short, will only remain for the namesake. Thus, check the headphones and microphones before you start the game.

Ensure no disturbance

If you think you can play an online 8-ball pool game with people screaming, talking, and creating disturbances around, you are highly mistaken. You require an immense level of concentration while playing this pool game. You have to use one ball to strike the other balls and make sure you pocket all followed by the 8-numbered ball.

You can imagine the level of attention to be paid in doing so. If you have people around or unnecessary noise around to distract you, it will be tough to achieve the goal. Thus, you should make sure you are playing in a room that is soundproof and you have no element of disturbance around while you are playing.

Share your experience

When you play a session, you always learn something new about the game, right? It is recommended that you share your experience with other players as this will enhance your understanding and you will have a great gaming experience every time you play the game. Try it. It works most of the time.

If you follow the above-mentioned points, you can be assured of having the best gaming experience with an 8-ball pool game online. It is always expected that you prepare yourself and get all the things checked beforehand so that hardware or system requirement is never an option. And if you get tired of playing the same game, there’s nothing bad about trying another pastime like making use of an indoor golf simulator. Once you know your game will run smoothly on your system, everything else would rest upon your knowledge, skills, understanding, and cognitive skills.


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