Leggings for Every Body: How to Find the Perfect Pair for Your Body Type


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Leggings are very important part of our life and we choose them for most of our getups from ethnic to workwear, active ware and in similar such places. It would not be wrong to say that every women is having a collection of leggings in her wardrobe. Women leggings are used with Kurta, Tunics, T shirt and for cycling as well. But at the same time it is very important to choose the right shape and type of legging like ankle length legging, size and shape to make it relevant for your body type. Here you will get some tips that will help you to pick up the right pair of leggings as per your body.

1. Know Your Body Shape Before Choosing Legging

There are different body shapes like Pear shape body, cylindrical body, curved body and many other of them. So it is very important that you choose a legging as per your body shape. Have a look on the following tips suggested for each body type for choosing a legging.

● Choose High Waist Leggings for Apple Shape Body

If your body is apple shape it is best that you are choosing leggings that cover your naval or in other words they are high waist. You can choose any colour in apple shape body.

● Printed Pattern with Loud Colours for Shape Pear

Women who want to flaunt their curvy body can opt for the printed leggings pattern and that is too in the loud colours that will go very well with this body shape.

● Go with Leggings with Details for Elongated Body Shape

Those body shapes having elongated appearance can go with leggings that gives a subtle look by choosing to the things like detailing at the side pockets, leggings that gives extra pounds appearance to the body shape.

2. Must Consider the Touch of the Fabric

● It is very crucial that you are picking a legging that is having a soft touch of the fabric. For example Spandex material is considered very best for the leggings to give utmost comfort to the person wearing it.

3. Pick Prints as Per Your Choice

● The leggings are coming in huge variety of prints and patterns in modern time and make sure that you are making your choice very carefully by keeping your interest in mind.

4. Never buy blindly

Some people never give a second though when it comes to buy leggings and they pick anything that appeals to their eyes. But it is very important that legging is looking good on your body as well and that is why never tend to buy blindly when it comes to choose leggings.

5. Choose for Occasion

● It is fine that you are choosing leggings by putting lots of efforts for quality, shape and colour but at the same time keep the occasion for which you are buying it and then pick accordingly.

6. Opt for the Right Size

Lastly it is very important at the end that you are having a right choice in terms of the size of the legging. A wrong size would cause lot of discomfort to you and you will not be able to use the legging for your purpose. So size matters a lot when it comes to choose your legging and you cannot commit blunder in it.

These are the few tips to choose a best legging for you when you are a big fan of leggings for multiple occasion to create a getup with comfort. Many people are following the same tips as listed above for choosing best legging for them.


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