5 Compelling Reasons to Enrol your Kids in a Sports Program This Summer


The great Australian summer is almost upon us and that means quite a few weeks of free time for the kids, who always seem to have bundles of energy. Sure, you can give them a daily budget and a list of restrictions, but there will always be that worry in the back of your mind, as to what they are getting up to!

5 compelling reasons to enrol your kids in a sports program this summer

Here are a few compelling reasons to enrol your kids in a sports program this summer.

1. Developing the team spirit – When you work for a company, their goals always supersede yours and with basketball training for kids from professional coaches, the participants experience the team spirit. A good team player knows all about sacrifice, which is mirrored in real life and playing for a team builds responsibility. They have many summer camps running during the holidays, so you won’t have to worry about them this summer.

2. Develop leadership skills – If they possess a natural tendency to lead, they will blossom during a summer sports camp and coaches notice this and put more responsibility on players that show leadership potential. Many successful leaders were discovered on a sports pitch and the earlier such skills are revealed, the better. Players who demonstrate leadership potential are encouraged to play a more central role and also to motivate other players, which every team needs.

3. Physical development – Teenagers are in their prime physical development mode and with strenuous sessions and the right diet, they will develop a healthy physique. Under the supervision of pro sports coaches and physios, the kids develop in a structured way. Weight-training is there for players who want to build muscle, while regular workshops on playing strategies play a role. Have you ever heard of financial fitness? Click here to find out.

4. Positive energy – Teenagers need a positive direction on which to focus their boundless energy; when a group of players get together for a week or two, they develop a positive energy that is noticeable. At least you know that your kids are ‘hanging with the right crowd’ when you send them off to a live-in sports camp in Sydney and this is character building stuff.

5. Exploring talent – If your kids show an interest in a sport and they are showing natural talent, they deserve a few weeks of focused coaching by professionals. Google can take you to the website of Australia’s leading sport program organiser, where you will find details of the many programs on offer. One thing a budding player does need is parental support and while they might not make it to international level, sports will shape them in so many ways. There are ways to fund a young sports player, which you should explore.

Once you find the right website, you can browse the long list of summer programs and there will be one that suits your son/daughter. The provider offers a free skill assessment when signing up.


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