The Benefits of Sports Activities after School for Australian Kids


Australian kids have their faces constantly buried in their digital devices and it is not looking good for the youth of Australia. Many parents are handling their children a Smartphone just to get them to be quiet and it ends up being a habit which is taking place every single day all across homes in Australia. Kids need to be active and if you are a parent who is overprotective of your child then you’re actually doing more harm than good. You need to be encouraging your children to take part in many after-school activities that gets them running around and gets their hearts pumping.

There are many different activities that you can send them to learn about and one of the more popular ones is tennis lessons Newcastle. This provides your children with the perfect opportunity to learn a sport that is not only a lot of fun to play but can actually carve out a career for them in the sports industry if they are good enough. With the right kind of instructor behind them, there is no limit to how well that your child can do and maybe they can represent Australia someday.

The following are just some of the real-life benefits of playing more sports after school in Australia.

– It’s great for their health – Many Australian children are far too sedentary and they spend most of their day playing computer games or playing on many other kinds of digital devices. If your child isn’t running around and taking part in sports then they may have problems maintaining their weight which may lead to childhood obesity. By taking part in any activity like tennis, for example, they will become stronger including stronger muscles and bones.

– It reduces their stress – As a parent, you might be thinking to yourself what any young kid has to worry about but there is so much pressure on children nowadays not only in real life but online as well. They have so many different friends to impress throughout the day and then there is school and examinations to worry about. Playing sports with their friends is an excellent way to reduce their stress levels.

– Encourages healthy competition – It depends on where you stand with regard to this contentious subject but many kids don’t understand that there is an incredibly competitive world out there and, they need to be more competitive themselves. Children need to learn that there are winners and losers in sports and this will help them throughout their academic lives, personal lives and in their work much later on when they finally get a job.

Every Australian parent wants their child to grow up to be self-confident and they can’t learn anything about it if they are stuck indoors all the time. You want to be putting your child into situations that challenge them and encourage them to come up with ideas and to persevere. They will make many good friends when playing sports and maybe even some for a lifetime.


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