5 Best Math Apps That Will Help You In College


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Math is one of the most challenging subjects for many students. Math apps make it easier for students to complete assignments and also help to boost their performance. Writerformypaper.com provides professional homework help services in math and other subjects to make learning easier.

5 Best Math Apps That Will Help You In College

The internet has numerous platforms and apps that can be used to make the subject easier. You cannot rush into picking any app because it has been indicated to assist in math. Here is a criterion to use when choosing the best match app.

  • Accuracy – math is a subject of numbers. Apps have ingrained formulas that will assist you in completing questions and exercise. A reliable app is one that guarantees the highest level of accuracy. The absence of accuracy means that your answers will be misleading. This will eventually affect your performance and career prospects.
  • Reviews – read reviews of Math apps online. The reviews are written by students already using these apps, teachers, education professionals, and tech gurus. The reviews focus on the features captured on an app, ease of use, price, and accuracy, among other factors.
    Customer ratings give you an idea of the reliability and quality of an app. Download the app with the best ratings. However, the app must provide the features you are looking for based on your grade and topics where you need assistance.
  • User Experience – how easy is it for students to use the app? Students and internet users are not taken through any classes where they learn to use technology. The best developers provide tutorials that will guide students on app usage.
    An app that is difficult to use will result in delays when working on an assignment. The apps may also result in mistakes during calculations. Choose an app that is easy to understand and use in order to ease the completion of your assignment.
  • Cost – is the app available free of charge, or you have to buy? Developers provide free apps while others charge based on usage. Basic features are sometimes provided for free on some apps, with students being required to pay for the advanced features. Still, there are numerous free math apps for students.
  • Updated Features – what features can be found on the app? New developments are emerging every day to make math easy for different grades. Invest in an app with adequate features to make studying easier.
    The appropriateness of an app depends on the grade of a student. A student at grade 4, for example, requires an app with minimal features and one that is fun to use. The features required on an app for use by a college student are advanced. The app you choose must suit your math learning needs. Here are excellent apps to consider for your match assignments.

1. Komodo Math –

The app is designed for children between the ages of 5 and 11 years. The development process involved extensive consultations with teachers because they understand how the brain of a child works. The guardian or teacher will customize the features based on the learning needs of each user. Komodo will assist students in mastering mental math and arithmetic, the basics of any learning process. This app also comes with rewards that can be determined by the teacher or guardian. It will take the learner through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and counting. It comes with such functions as percentages, decimals, fractions, and divisions, among others. The apps are available on iOS and android.

2. CK 12

The app is free and available on Android, iOS devices, and windows, among other systems. The developer has paired advanced technology with high-quality content to provide the best math help platform. Learning on the app is simulated and interactive. The app is perfect for use by different grades. For instance, secondary school pupils will love the BrainGenie that helps them to advance different topics.

3. Doddle Math

The app is designed to support learning at home and in school. It has incorporated AI technology where the areas of weakness for individual students are identified, and solutions suggested. The app will enable you to address the current challenges or weaknesses of your child and provide a solution.

4. MathRef

MathRef is designed to make it easier to find formulas across different subjects. Some of the areas that have received emphasis include geometry, calculus, and algebra. Users can add specific notes to equations and also copy notes out on to other apps and platforms. It has an incredibly easy user interface.

5. Math Solver

The name almost says it all. The app assists you in solving equations in different areas. It will also display the formula used and the procedure of arriving at an answer. The app covers a wide range of topics and can be used at an advanced level.

The choice of an app depends on user needs. Review the experiences of other users to have an idea of what to expect from the app. You may choose the trial version before paying for an app.


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